Tour de Fat to visit San Diego!

This post was written by Timur Ender.

The Bicycle Army will soon invade San Diego. Flickr/forloveofexploration Mark your calendars! Tour de Fat is coming to San Diego on September 29, 2012!!


What is Tour de Fat?

Tour de Fat is a bike festival organized by New Belgium Brewery, makers of Fat Tire.  The day starts out with a costumed bike parade and then an afternoon on the lawn with shows, beer, and an opportunity to ride weird bikes.  It is essentially a day to celebrate bikes & beer and a chance to send the message that bikes can be a mainstream part of society.


Why is Tour de Fat coming to San Diego and not somewhere like Portland where there is more bike culture?

Cities like Portland already understand the tremendous positive benefits of bicycles.  Tour de Fat aims to visit cities that have yet to embrace bicycling as a legitimate form of transportation.  It essentially acts as a catalyst for building bike culture and a bike-friendly city.  It shows people what is possible and how fun riding a bike can be.


How much is admission?

All ages are welcome and admission is free.


Tour de Fat ride before the celebration of bicycle. Photo:

Is there a fundraising component to this?

Yes, there is.  New Belgium does not make a profit from these events, it is considered a marketing expense for the company.  There is a suggested $5 donation at the door.  The money collected before the costume bike ride as well as beer & merchandise sales go almost exclusively toward local bike non-profits.  Here in San Diego, Tour de Fat will donate this money to the San Diego County Bicycle Coalition and the San Diego Mountain Biking Association.  Last month in Durham,NC, Tour de Fat was able to donate $15,000 to local bike non-profits from its visit to the area.


Is this a family-friendly event?

Absolutely.  This is a bike festival with beer, not a beer festival with bikes.  Having attended a Tour de Fat this past week I can attest that this is truly a family-friendly event.  There are lots of shows, acts, and exhibits to keep all ages entertained.  There is one main stage and several small stages, meaning there is always a fun show to watch.


Sweet! How do I get involved?

Be on the lookout for volunteer opportunities, they will need lots in order to pull off this event.

Otherwise, come and celebrate two of mankind’s greatest inventions: bicycles & beer.

For more details read the event description on New Belgium’s website.