SDCBC Statement on tonight’s David Ortiz Memorial Ride

In a few hours, San Diegans will gather at the Big Fountain in Balboa Park to walk and bike to the City Administration Building to demand the following:

1) A public apology from the police department to the victim’s family & the cycling community for jumping to conclusions and immediately blaming the cyclist before fully completing the investigation.
2) A stronger commitment (from City) to safer infrastructure and roadway design.
3) A stronger commitment from PD to enforce traffic laws that have an adverse impact on cyclists/pedestrians (failure to stop/yield, distracted driving, etc.)
4) The City immediately become a NACTO affiliate.
Andy Hanshaw, the Executive Director of the San Diego County Bicycle Coalition has issued the following statement,
The San Diego County Bicycle Coalition wishes to express their sincerest condolences to the family and friends of David Ortiz. This was a tragic loss for them and for the local bicycling community. We are very concerned for a proper investigation into the factors thatcaused this unnecessary death and wish to express our demand for improvements at the location of the accident in order to avoid anyfuture injuries or fatalities to people who ride bikes at this location. Our cities and leaders need to take more action to help improve the safety of our roadways which are used by all types of  commuters including pedestrians and bicyclists. Let’s work together to make changes now so we do not have to see any more tragedies like this take place in our community.
Andy Hanshaw, Executive Director