2012 Dinner and Bikes Tour Featuring Elly Blue, Joe Biel and Chef Joshua Ploeg

Date: September 7th
What: An evening to celebrate dinner and bikes with Elly Blue, Joe Biel and Chef Joshua Ploeg
6pm: Pre-dinner ride from Filter Coffee Shop (1295 University Avenue)
Join us for a ride through mid-city San Diego that will end at The Triangle Building.
7pm Dinner and Presentation at Triangle Building
Joshua Ploeg will delight with an extensive buffet!
Elly Blue and Joe Biel will present short videos and a slideshow about bicycle culture, activism, and the economy. There will be time for questions, discussion of local issues, and perusing the traveling bookstore.
Admission cost: $20.

After a very successful 2011 visit to San Diego, the Dinner & Bikes event is returning for the second time. Tickets for the event include a leisurely bike ride through mid-city neighborhoods, a delicious dinner cooked by a touring vegan chef, and an evening of inspiring stories of bike advocacy, activism and inspiration from around the country.

I came away very inspired after attending last year’s Dinner & Bikes event. I’m not a vegan and I found the buffet style spread prepared by Ploeg to be outstanding and extremely delicious. The stories told by Biel on Portland’s bike culture and how Portland has become one of the most bike friendly cities in the country is a story that was well told. Blue’s data analysis on the transformative nature of investing in and promoting bicycling as a mode of transportation was informative and thought provoking. I expect this year’s event to even richer given the trio’s tour around the country. Tickets are limited and all proceeds are going toward reimbursing our visitor’s expenses and to the owner of the venue for providing us with a beautiful space.