Dinner and Bikes is this Thursday

This Saturday, we are hosting the sixth annual Dinner and Bikes event. Tickets are very limited, so please get them today.

Here’s what happens at a Dinner and Bikes event:

As the audience arrives, they serve themselves from chef Joshua Ploeg’s seven-course gourmet vegan and gluten-free buffet spread. While the audience is eating, local advocates discuss their work and local issues and initiatives over the first fifteen minutes.

Then, Elly Blue and Joe Biel co-present a new interactive discussion and presentation including eight short films about Groundswell movements—incidences where people demanded better neighborhood conditions and successfully implemented them. Stories include how Reading, PA came to be 13th on the East Coast for bike commuting without any advocacy or government spending; former gang members riding bikes to raise awareness about gang violence, Mexico City’s superhero of the streets, Peatonito; the story of the League of American Bicyclists’ equity council; how the City of Portland’s Sunday Parkways worked as a response to gentrification; and how cyclists are representing themselves and creating their own voices all over the world.

Throughout the evening there are plenty of opportunities for discussion, questions, and browsing the Microcosm pop-up book and t-shirt store. We wind down and pack up around 9 PM and everyone is tucked away in bed by 10…or creating an off-site after party!

Curious about more? Check out this cool promotional video:

Dinner & Bikes Tour from Microcosm Publishing on Vimeo.

Seating (and the gourmet vegan dinner) is limited. So get your tickets today.

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