Foto Friday: Speed Bumps Designed Around Bicycle Riders

The photo below was taken by former San Diego resident Timur Ender who moved to Portland explicitly for Portland’s commitment to making the city more bicycle friendly. Ender has been sending in a steady stream of photos that demonstrate that commitment and consideration made on behalf of the city’s cyclists.

Speed bump with a little room for somone to ride through. Photo: Timur Ender

The image above is impressive because it demonstrates the level of thought and decision making that has gone into making bicycling in Portland that much more pleasant. With this sort of attention to detail, it’s no wonder a tiny city like Portland can call itself the nation’s most bicycle friendly city.

Update: BikeSD reader, Michael, states that these speed bumps are apparently for emergency vehicle ease of use. It just so happens that we have them here in Clairemont, per Oleg who also was kind enough to take some photos.