Una transformación maravillosa para West Point Loma Blvd

west point loma blvd, 2019

Sí, por fin podré conducir con seguridad mi bicicleta por West Point Loma Blvd para obtener un helado en 31 Flavors. Y puedo detenerme en Barons and Grocery Outlet para comprar comestibles. Y al día siguiente, podría ir al banco y disfrutar de una clase de yoga. Un corto paseo en bicicleta a las empresas locales es un excelente servicio para todos nosotros.

Estoy realmente agradecido a la comunidad de Ocean Beach y Point Loma por apoyar esta increíble oportunidad de reutilizar nuestras calles a medida que son resurgidas. Muchas gracias también al Concejal Campbell por apoyar un carril de Clase IV para proporcionar una instalación segura para todas las edades y habilidades. Reposicionar nuestras calles a medida que se vuelven a allanar es un enfoque muy rentable para hacer que nuestras calles sean más seguras al tiempo que ofrece una opción para que más personas anden en bicicleta, caminen y rueden. Y West Point Loma es un ejemplo perfecto.

The segment along West Point Loma Blvd from Nimitz Blvd to Sports Arena Blvd will be going on a “road diet” or shall we say it is being transformed to accommodate all users of the road. Vehicle lanes will be reduced to one lane in each direction but the choke points at the west and east end will not be changed, meaning all turn lanes towards Nimitz and Sports Arena/Midway will remain. Reducing the number of vehicle lanes will provide the space for a safe and comfortable bikeway, also referred to as a Class IV Bikeway or Cycle Track. The reduction of lanes will create traffic calming to foster safer driving behaviors. Speeds will be reduced but the average travel time through this corridor will be relatively the same (approximately a 4 second delay). This small few seconds is well worth the safety benefits for all. We applaud the City of SD for implementing a true Vision Zero Solution for Safety as the recommended treatment and support the City’s goals for safety to be a top priority.

There are other benefits to the neighborhood: home values will likely increase, parents can let their kids get to their neighborhood schools by foot or bike, and more people will be out and about visiting local business and being social. This all creates a more vibrant, healthy, and enjoyable place to live, work, and play.

Just in time for summer, our neighbors to the east of Nimitz, can now safely hop on their bike and safely pedal to the beach and best of all, they will not have to worry about parking a car. They will now have the best front row parking on the sand, all without contributing to traffic on Sunset Cliffs. I look forward to sharing smiles with new riders in the neighborhood. Thank you again, to all of you, for supporting a healthy lifestyles and a healthy future. Ride on…