Aprobaciones electorales de BikeSD 2018

BikeSD sent questionnaires regarding positions and priorities on bicycle infrastructure and other bicycle issues to all candidates running for City Council. Neither candidates for District 2 and District 6, and Antonio Martinez from District 8 did not return our questionnaire. The following candidates are endorsed by BikeSD.

Nathan Fletcher for County Supervisor Read our full endorsement post here.

Monica Montgomery for City Council District 4 will advocate for funding of bicycle infrastructure and traffic calming projects to improve safety for all users of the street. She will fight for a comprehensive local and regional bikeway network. Her community connections in D4 are strong and her understanding of the importance of bicycle infrastructure will help increase bicycle mode share. “Monica Montgomery grew up in City Council District Four. A true policy wonk, she is the perfect combination of knowledge and passion. A native San Diegan, Monica’s legal career has been dedicated to the improvement and uplifting of the city of San Diego as a whole and the city’s Fourth City Council District.”


Vivian Moreno for City Council District 8  The South Bay community representative answered our questionnaire and indicated that the “Council must actively prioritize CAP related infrastructure projects within the budget. Building high priority bike infrastructure projects is the only way the City will meet the 2020 goal of 6%.” District 8 which includes Barrio Logan, Greater Logan Heights, San Ysidro and Otay Mesa neighborhoods has great potential to be bicycle friendly. Moreno will continue the work of her former employer, Councilman David Alvarez, who was frequently seen on a bicycle around the district.

Vivian Moreno believes that “electricity-powered bicycles are the future, especially in mountainous regions such as ours. E-bikes can provide the necessary assistance to go uphill, even for those who suffer from poor conditioning. That is why I want to explore the possibility of adding more e-bikes within the City, and building the necessary infrastructure such as docking stations to ensure the bikes can service the community.”


Why vote?

Every politician will claim to love and like and support all sorts of things. But there is nothing they love more than staying in office and being in power. And their power is only checked by you – when you vote and when you vote with purpose to keep them accountable and vote on policies that make a positive difference to your community. This gives them less room to wiggle away from commitments promised to the communities they serve. So for every time you have posted a rant or read a frustration on social media or wanted and demanded change – this is where it makes a difference: VOTE. If you can’t vote or have already voted, tell your friends and family to vote too. Bicycling makes our neighborhoods better for everyone. Including the haters. So VOTE. As an advocacy organization, our strength only comes from you. So again: VOTE.

Don’t know where to vote? Find your polling place here. Ask for a provisional ballot if you are turned away at the ballot. BikeSD Inc, is a registered 501(c)(4)