2018 County Supervisor District 4 Questionnaire: Ken Malbrough

Ken MalbroughDo you have memorable experiences or memories while riding a bike?

As a young boy growing up in Southeast San Diego I was an avid bike rider; and continued to ride a bike into my adulthood, riding from my home in Skyline all the way to my job at 9th and University, Fire Station 5.

SANDAG’s failed Measure A and its reform under AB805 have put transportation issues at the forefront of San Diego politics. What is your vision for transportation in San Diego County, and how does active transportation fit into it?

All modes of transportation should be accessible to all residents which includes, personal, public, biking and pedestrian transportation for work, personal and leisure use. Active transportation should be a seamless component of entire regional planning.

As county supervisor, you may have the opportunity to serve on the boards of MTS or SANDAG. (How) would you advocate for SANDAG’s bicycle early action program, which has experienced significant delays? Would you support MTS ballot measures that include funding for bicycle infrastructure?

Ensuring that community plan updates include bicycle early action programs. Working with county staff to minimize bureaucracies. I do support MTS ballot measures; and did so in Encanto Neighborhoods Community Plan Update.

Unfortunately, improved safety conditions for bicyclists have been opposed by segments of the community. Politicians often seek a “consensus” solution, but these are not always possible. How would you work with all sides to ensure safety improvements occur?

In my experience I have found that showing benefits to increasing all forms of safe active transportation through solid outreach can assist in all sides in reaching a consensus. In my time as a Deputy Fire Chief I have experience in executing effective community outreach.