photo of Nicole's touring bike.

Participe en el concurso de fotografía del calendario BikeSD 2020 para ganar $ 100 y más

photo of Nicole's touring bike.

BikeSD is having a photo contest — deadline is August 31, 2019. Submit up to three of your best bike-related photos. Photos need to be high resolution suitable for printing. BikeSD will select an overall winner who will receive a $100 gift certificate at George's Camera and a 2020 BikeSD Calendar with the winner's photo on the cover. BikeSD will award twelve honorable mentions, who will receive a 2020 calendar with their photo included in the calendar. Details and entry form here:

Resurfacing List graphic

Listado de proyectos de repavimentación de carreteras (SB1)

Listado de proyectos de repavimentación de carreteras (SB1)

Resurfacing List graphic

Here’s a list of all resurfacing projects being funded under SB1. Resurfacing is a prime opportunity to insist that bike/mobility lanes be added on that street, as part of the resurface work. If you see a street near you on this list which is getting resurfaced soon, please let us know if it’s appropriate for bike lanes.

Click to see the list of road resurfacing projects

Protected bike lanes on 30th Street

Carta en apoyo de los carriles para bicicletas protegidos en la Calle 30 en North Park

El miembro de BikeSD, Matt Schalles, envió este correo electrónico y quisimos compartirlo. Apoye los carriles para bicicletas protegidos en la calle 30 enviando su propio mensaje hoy a y


Protected bike lanes on 30th Street

Greetings Mayor Faulconer and Representative Ward,

Thank you for supporting the plan to add protected bike infrastructure to 30th Street in North Park. There are numerous benefits to the community, spanning health, environmental, and economic considerations. There are innumerables beneficios para las comunidades que se extienden más allá de los ciclistas que usan las pistas de ciclismo, lo que puede resultar en calles más seguras para todos, menos congestión y, en última instancia, menos competencia por los espacios de estacionamiento ya limitados.

Me pregunto cuántos de los dueños de negocios a lo largo del corredor se beneficiarían de un aumento en el tráfico comercial y peatonal a través de sus tiendas. Hay significante Un precedente para la infraestructura de ciclo que aumenta los ingresos del negocio.

La infraestructura ciclista es una inversión. Para ayudarnos a alcanzar nuestros objetivos de aumentar el número de usuarios de bicicletas, primero debemos proporcionar la infraestructura. Datos del Reino Unido, que ha invertido mucho en infraestructura de ciclismo en los últimos años, mostró aumentos tan grandes como 50-75% en dos años después de la instalación de las pistas de ciclismo. A medida que el costo de la gasolina sigue aumentando, el retorno de esta inversión será invaluable para algunos de nuestros ciudadanos más vulnerables.

San Diego has the weather, the geography, and the existing road space to become a world class biking city through smart design and planning. I'm excited to see how all of our communities can become connected through future bicycling investments.

Matt Schalles

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Presidio Drive streetview

A vision for the Presidio: one-way vehicular loop on Presidio & Jackson

Presidio Drive streetviewTo support safer biking and walking conditions on Presidio Drive and around the beautiful park, BikeSD is creating a vision and a collaborative effort to redirect traffic into a one-way vehicular loop composed of Presidio Drive and Jackson Street.

Vehicles would be restricted to a single direction — either westbound on Presidio; eastbound on Jackson or the reverse — while people walking and riding would gain the extra land space to go in either direction, such as other multi-use paths around the city. Furthermore, the idea to make Presidio Drive into a one way lane for vehicles while using the other lane for bikes and pedestrians is also part of the community plan. The pieces of the puzzle are starting to align and BikeSD sees the possibility of making this idea a reality.

BikeSD was excited to learn that District 3 Council Member Chris Ward had prioritized this concept in his 2019/2020 budget priorities. It's great to have CM Ward’s leadership and voice for the need to create safer streets. We applaud his support for bike infrastructure that is safe and and comfortable for people of all ages.

We will continue to strategize and collaborate with stakeholders to identify the next steps to implement this concept. In reality, appropriate paint markings and signage is all that is needed to change this flow of traffic. Perhaps we can create an experimental project to see if it really can work out.  If you are interested in working on this project or want to contribute in any way, please email

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Streetview image of Morena crossing under I-8

Marcas de bicicleta que llegan a Morena Blvd en el cruce de la Interestatal 8

Morena Blvd striping plans 2019

New bike striping plans and signage for bike riders will be implemented on Morena Boulevard where it crosses Interstate 8 in the next few months. This is an exciting moment in time when Caltrans takes the opportunity to implement safe street markings on state-controlled interchanges that can provide additional guidance, safety, and comfort for people riding bikes.

Streetview image of Morena crossing under I-8These Morena Blvd stripings were triggered when BikeSD Board President Nicole Burgess rode through the area and sent a tweet to Caltrans more than one year ago. She requested @CaltransSD provide safer connections through this corridor which would connect to the City’s efforts that implemented bike lanes and facility improvements on the north end of the corridor. Her request has been granted.

Caltrans Pedestrian and Bicycle Committee has discussed this project at the last two meetings and attached are the new striping plans and signage that will be implemented. BikeSD is glad to see that Caltrans is taking the initiative to provide better facilities throughout their jurisdiction. We appreciate collaborative efforts by Caltrans as they engaged and worked with the bike community to get the best improvements that can be made with paint. Obviously, there are better ways to improve the corridor but not without lots of money to tie up the interchanges (which is not happening anytime soon).

The plans shown above (see PDF for high-resolution drawings) are quite detailed. Overall BikeSD is supportive of these improvements. One concern that BikeSD and other bike advocates suggested was to add "Green Dashed Paint Markings through the Intersection” per NACTO guidelines. This was a consistent request by many people who ride bikes, but unfortunately the Operations Team at Caltrans is not willing to do so. We've inquired to understand what prevents Caltrans from implementing these types of paint markings and will keep our members posted on Caltrans response.

Regardless, we're looking forward to better striping through this area and thank Caltrans for their efforts. As the improvements are made in the next few months, we hope that you appreciate the new facility markings. Feel free to send a tweet or email to @CaltransSD thanking them for the new improvements and any concerns you may observe as a bike rider.

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