The Economic Benefits of Bicycle Infrastructure Investments

The League of American Bicyclists issued a study listing the numerous benefits gained by the bicycle industry. Key points taken directly from the study are:

  • Today the national bicycling industry contributes an estimated $133 billion a year to the U.S. economy.
  • Bike lanes can accommodate 7 to 12 times as many people per meter of lane per hour than car lanes and bicycles cause less wear on the pavement
  • CalTrans is paying $75 million to repave, not rebuild, just three miles of Interstate 710 in Los Angeles. Thus, for the cost of repaving 3 miles of rough pavement on Interstate 710, CalTrans could sign and stripe 1,250 miles of California roads for bike lanes.
  • Replacing a car trip with a bike trip saves individuals and society $2.73 per mile.

Read the entire report here.

Ride the City needs your suggestions

ride_the_city_badgeRide the City is getting ready to officially launch in San Diego. However, the creators would like to get more feedback from San Diegan cyclists before the official launch. From our inbox, here is the request:

We've done some more work on Ride the City for San Diego. The changes include 1) Ride the City now takes elevation into consideration to put bicyclists on less hilly routes and 2) the bike shops are present. We'll improve any other bike lanes/greenways that aren't being routed as we get more feedback. We'd like to get more bicyclists to plug in routes, to try them in the real world, then to come back to Ride the City and (after plugging in the same from/to directions) to hit the "rate the route" button to tell us how it is.

In talking to other San Diegan cyclists, the main concern in riding in the city is the hills. Being surrounded by canyons making route planning quite the challenge. However, when we plugged in some route ideas using the "safer" drop down box to get the safest routes possible, the suggestions were not bad at all. There obviously is room for improvement, and so we offered suggestions using the "rate the route" link on Ride the City's website.

Some of the pros are that the site loads fast and calculates route suggestion pretty quickly as well. Unlike Google Maps, the default suggestion does not offer the freeway as an option to get around. This could be a very useful tool for all riders.

Park(ing) Day 2009 in San Diego

Did you know Park(ing) Day happened here in San Diego on September 18? Well, it did, in Little Italy. Maybe next year there could be a stronger presence from the bicycling community. I'm thinking a bike kitchen-themed park where people could get air in tires, brakes adjusted, flats changed, etc. How about that? You've got 360 days to think of better ideas,

Bic Control has a post about this year's event, so does SignOnSanDiego. There's even a video.

Would you like to contribute to BikeSD?

Is there some aspect of San Diego bike culture that you think is not addressed by Would you be interested in writing about it on a regular basis? Contact us at admin (at)

We are a group of bicyclists who live and work in San Diego, simply doing this to promote bicycling in San Diego. We'd like to reach as many people as possible. Join us!

SD Critical Mass Coffee Shop Discussion TONIGHT!


This is late notice, but hopefully not too late for a good turnout to discuss an important issue.

From new local bicycling blog Bic Control:

Please come out to this informal, friendly coffeeshop discussion on how to keep CM positive and purposeful.

Do you have ideas? Bring them. Positivity? Bring it. Reservations/concerns? Let's talk it out. Passion? Bring it. A voice? Use it. Just wanna listen? That's fine. Constructive solutions? Bring them all. This Monday. And help keep our Critical Mass ride healthy for years to come.

If you're all about SDCM come out, embrace community, and discuss ways to improve our ride.

Dialogue can only make SDCM better.

This Monday, September 19, 2009 @ 7pm
Rebecca's Coffeeshop in South Park neighborhood of center-city San Diego.
3015 Juniper St.
Be there.