Complete the Boulevard

Logo design: Randy Armenta


Walking and biking on El Cajon Boulevard is dangerous and deadly. The Boulevard is the second most dangerous corridor in the city of San Diego after University Avenue. El Cajon Boulevard connects the neighborhoods of University Heights, North Park, City Heights and the San Diego State University campus. The Boulevard is also home to many small businesses. As part of our advocacy in 2015, we are pushing for better bike infrastructure to improve this key corridor to make it safe to walk and bike.

Beryl Forman, Marketing Manager at The El Cajon Boulevard Business Improvement Association, says, “It makes good business sense for El Cajon Boulevard to become a regional bicycle network, particularly within San Diego’s mid-city region. This major commercial corridor traverses through many of the city’s most dense urban neighborhoods and also connects to SDSU and La Mesa. In addition, the route would compliment the newly-constructed Mid-City Rapid bus.”

“As the only corridor in the city of San Diego with 6 car lanes, it is time for El Cajon Boulevard, previously highway 80 , to transition from its former use to a neighborhood serving corridor, highlighted by its small businesses district, and safely serve bicyclists and pedestrians as well.”

Our goal is to reduce all fatalities and serious injuries on El Cajon Boulevard to zero by 2020 and supporting efforts to increase bike traffic along the boulevard to 20% of all traffic. More people on bikes results in a safer, more livable El Cajon Boulevard for all users. Dedicated bike infrastructure also improves safety for anyone who walks .

The campaign, Complete The Boulevard, will advocate for accommodations for all road users by engaging all stakeholders along this corridor to ensure that this key east/west corridor is safe for everyone – no matter how they travel.

Funding for this campaign has been provided, in part, by PeopleForBikes.