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Judi Tentor on her bike

Judi Tentor

Judi Tentor lives in Mission Hills, grows a lot of food in her garden, and gets around by bicycle as much as possible. Her passion for the environment and sustainability drives her everyday actions. Riding a bicycle, she believes, is more than a joyful transportation, but is also a solution to environmental, social equity and health issues that matter to her. She has an electric bicycle and says "San Diego is flat to me now!"

Judi is also a Cycling Instructor (LCI #5098) certified by the League of American Bicyclists, the oldest bicycle advocacy org in the US. She teaches classes for adults and families learning how to ride for transportation and traffic skills classes for intermediate riders.

When not pedaling and sometimes while pedaling, Judi takes photographs of people riding bicycles and bicycle infrastructure around the world. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Environmental Science from SUNY ESF and a Masters of Landscape Architecture from The Ohio State University, and was awarded a Comprehensive Bikeway Design Certificate from Portland State University. Pronouns: she/her/hers

John P. Anderson photo holding up his bike

John P. Anderson

John Anderson is a North Park resident and full-time father of three. John is treasurer of BikeSD and is excited about the work BikeSD is doing. John wants to help make San Diego a safer and more enjoyable place to live for those on foot, bicycle, bus, car, or horse. Connect with John at johnpatrickanderson.com, he’d love to hear your thoughts on how San Diego can do better and what we’re doing well. Twitter: @JPAdotcom  Pronouns: he/him

Nicole Burgess

Nicole Burgess

Nicole Burgess is a passionate bike advocate that loves to ride. With her Dutch blood, she understands all the joys and benefits of riding a bicycle for transportation and continues to advocate daily for San Diego to become a World Class Bicycle Friendly City.

Nicole grew up in Bonita and enjoyed the many adventures riding the tandem with her brother; especially the frequent rides to National City to visit cousins, which provided the seeds to understand the freedom of riding a bike.

Nicole received a BS in Physical Science at CSU, Chico and loved the small college town where she could venture anywhere on her beach cruiser, even experiencing her first awesome ride in the snow while going to class. She would come back to San Diego and get her Single Subject Science Credential and become a teacher for the SD County Court School System for alternative education teaching some of the most at-risk students in our region.

Nicole was fortunate enough to take time off to raise her children in Ocean Beach and it was her children that were the impetus to become known as the OB Bike Lady. As her children attended Dana Middle School for 5th and 6th grade, Nicole began and continued the Dana Bike Train for 6 consecutive years. She would encourage, educate, and support local students to become active in their commutes to school. As the bike train grew to 20+ students at times, Nicole became involved at the City, SANDAG and local community groups to advocate for safe bike infrastructure to support Safe Routes to Schools. For over the past 10 years, she has persistently urged the City and County agencies to provide healthy transportation mobility options for all.

Over the past ten years Nicole has pedaled over 60k miles near and far and has traveled by bike along the West Coast, most of the East Coast, across many northwest states, and even ventured through Nova Scotia, Holland, Denmark, and Guadalajara to experience all types of cities and how they accommodate people who ride bikes.

With the amazing beautiful weather, the wonderful innovative electric assist bikes, large available roadways, and a population of people that love to be outdoors and stay fit, Nicole believes that SD is an ideal location for a Bike Utopia that would protect our environments, improve public health, and to create a vibrant city for people to truly enjoy.

As a League Certified Instructor and a certified Hatha Yoga Teacher, Nicole embraces the beauty of riding daily and hopes to inspire more people to explore their city by bike. If interested in learning to ride, to organize a local bike train, to travel overnight on a bike, or to practice your yoga lifestyle while riding, Nicole is your resource and is always ready to help others enjoy the beauty of riding a bike. For most of her advocacy work, you can follow her on Twitter @Nicoleburgess23 otherwise feel free to send her an email at nicole23ob@gmail.com if you just want to ride. Pronouns: she/her

Paul Jamason photo

Paul Jamason

Paul Jamason es programador / analista en el Centro de supercomputación de San Diego en UCSD. Es nativo del norte de Nueva York, recibió una maestría en Geografía Física de la Universidad de Delaware y ha vivido en San Diego desde 1997. Paul escribe sobre los vecindarios urbanos de nuestra ciudad en sdurban.com and sees bicycling, bike infrastructure and public transit as solutions to many of our environmental and transportation challenges. He enjoys riding his bike around Uptown, downtown and as a part of his daily commute.

Nevo Magnezi

Nevo Magnezi

Nevo Magnezi is a graduate student researcher in bioelectronics at UC San Diego, where he is pursuing his PhD. He received his bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering at the University of Maryland, where outside of academics, he re-learned how to bike along the Anacostia River Trail System. He is also a Graduate Student Association representative at UCSD and involved with bike advocacy on campus. Nevo wants to work towards a region where everyone has safe, affordable, sustainable, healthy, and pleasant methods of getting around, which means more dedicated bike infrastructure! Nevo joined the board of BikeSD in 2020. Twitter: @NevoMagnezi

Brer Marsh

Brer Marsh

Brer Marsh is a practicing architect at Mosher Drew Architecture. Brer is a longtime resident of North Park and member of Uptown Planners, the community planning group for Uptown. His background in art and design coupled with his technical and construction experience gives Brer a unique set of skills in understanding the form of urban space. Brer is a lifelong bike rider and advocate for safer biking infrastructure. Brer joined the board of BikeSD in 2020. Twitter: @brerbear

Natalie R

Natalie Radosavljevic

Natalie Radosavljevic is a legend. She has been cycling for over 10 years. She graduated from SDSU with a BS in Business where she was part of starting an on campus bike kitchen. She has worked in bike shops in the San Diego area but currently transitioned her focus into housing where as a real estate agent. She hopes to have a bigger impact in the housing market including maintaining its affordability. She believes safe cycling infrastructure will help alleviate negative environmental impacts and also importantly, traffic! But perhaps her biggest mission is reducing the number of cyclist fatalities/injuries due to unsafe, poor infrastructure.

Aidrea Sparks

Aidrea Sparks

Aidrea Sparks Es un apasionado de la cerveza artesanal, la comida orgánica, los negocios locales, el cepillado y el uso de hilo dental, la música, el baile y la vida en bicicleta. Le encantan los largos paseos por la ciudad, acampar y viajar. Dre ha vivido en Hillcrest durante 12 años y ha sido un orgulloso propietario no automotriz durante casi 10 años. Sus piernas la llevan a todos lados donde necesita ir, ya sea a pie o en bicicleta. Ella ha conmutado para trabajar a través de estos dos medios de transporte desde que se mudó a Uptown y no lo haría de ninguna otra manera, al menos no hasta que se mude de regreso al bosque de donde era vieja, gris y enferma de la ciudad. . Eso nunca podría suceder. Le encanta tener tanta variedad y vibrantes oportunidades increíbles disponibles cerca. Dre completó sus estudios universitarios en UCSD y espera graduarse en planificación urbana y desarrollo sostenible en los próximos dos años y también está muy emocionada de trabajar con BikeSD y la comunidad para construir un San Diego mejor para todos los modos de transporte y estilos. de vivir.

Chris Taylor

Chris Taylor is an attorney, currently of counsel for Rory Law, San Diego. Chris is a father of an accomplished cyclist, his daughter Eleanor (who is a BikeSD Teen Ambassador). Chris is a founding member of BikeSD. Chris rejoined the board of BikeSD in 2018.

Tim Zaspal photo

Tim Zaspal

Tim Zaspal es un ingeniero mecánico en turbinas solares en Kearny Mesa. Después de crecer en los suburbios de Chicago, siempre le dio prioridad a vivir en vecindarios transitables y se mudó a Little Italy hace ocho años. Si bien siempre ha sido un ávido ciclista, Tim comenzó a considerar el ciclismo como una opción de transporte cuando se mudó a Mission Hills hace cuatro años y necesitaba encontrar tiempo para hacer ejercicio entre un ajetreado programa de trabajo y muchos proyectos necesarios de renovación de viviendas por bricolaje. Ha estado enganchado desde entonces. En su tiempo libre le gusta andar en bicicleta en las carreteras y senderos de San Diego, hacer caminatas con su esposa y su perro, hacer fermentaciones de cerveza ácida y salvaje, practicar surf y construir cosas.

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