Terra Lawson Remer

Candidate: Terra Lawson Remer


1) What are your top 3 priorities for improving the biking experience in District 3 for residents and families?

I believe that San Diego County as a whole needs to expand and improve our sustainable transit options, ranging from walking and biking to public transit. Making our communities more bikeable primary boils down to improving our default street design, prioritizing separated bike lanes, and creating a real network of bike lanes. Our roads were structured almost exclusively for cars for decades and only recently have started to take into account the much wider range of transit options we need to support. A key element to this is making bike lanes that provide real safety to occupants, such as by separation from traffic by bollards, parking spaces, or green medians. To make these safe lanes functional, we also need to ensure that they form an integrated network (not just isolated chunks) and enable riders to safely and speedily get to work, school, recreation, and other destinations.


2) SANDAG just presented its vision for San Diego’s transportation future in 5 Big Moves. Do you support 5 Big Moves and how did you come to this conclusion?

I am broadly supportive of the 5 Big Moves, and think that this regional conversation is long overdue. I believe we need a holistic approach that will protect the environment, support sustainable communities, and get people where they need to go in a timely fashion. That will require support for public transit, roads, and alternative transit options- not one or the other. We cannot have a one size fits all approach because our region is diverse, and the vision largely recognizes that. I am committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and making the investments to improve our quality of life.


3) As county supervisor, you may have the opportunity to serve on the boards of MTS or SANDAG. (How) would you advocate for SANDAG’s bicycle early action program, which has experienced significant delays? Would you support MTS ballot measures that include funding for bicycle infrastructure?

San Diego is a fantastic place to live, in part because it is already well-suited to biking (no snowstorms!). But we need to invest in improving our roads and bike lanes to make them safe and accessible for everyone. I support SANDAG’s bicycle early action program and would advocate for it on the County Board and at SANDAG. I cannot commit to supporting any ballot measure without seeing the specifics, but I am broadly supportive of investing in our bicycle infrastructure, such as a network of separated bike lanes on major thoroughfares.


4) Please share a memorable experience(s) you have of bicycling.

My passion for biking really began while I was attending law school at NYU. One year, I decided to bike from lower Manhattan to Mount Vernon (New York, not Virginia) to see my grandparents for Passover. While Google maps indicates this would take about two hours, the lack of bike paths, clear signage, and safe freeway crossings meant that my route was perilous and required walking my bike through and across dirt lanes and freeway overpasses more than once. I somehow got stuck in a marsh, after passing through Harlem and the Bronx and getting stranded on the wrong side of the Hudson River. It took four hours not two, and I arrived sweaty and exhausted for Passover Seder. But it was an adventure to remember and I developed a much better appreciation of the vital importance of adequate bike infrastructure!