Georgette Gomez

Candidate: Georgette Gómez


1) What are your top 3 priorities for improving the biking experience for residents and families in National City?

  • Dedicated bike lanes in high density areas needs to be available for commuters
  • Intra-regional bike lanes connecting high density areas need to be made available for commuters and leisure activities
  • Public bike storage in dense commercial areas should be made available for commuters
  • Public bike rental should be invested in as a region
  • Fight hard to implement SANDAGs 5 Big Moves and make sure our region gets its fair share of infrastructure funding but tie the dollars to Mode shift projects.


2) Can you give an example of how you have advocated for Active Transportation in the past?

As a former chair and current board member of SANDAG I have been extremely aggressive in pushing active transit options for our region. I have helped secure millions of dollars in funding towards expansion of dedicated bike lanes and bike paths, including the recent “Uptown Bikeways” project that will connect Hillcrest, Balboa Park and downtown San Diego.

During the coronavirus pandemic I have expanded the “Slower Streets” program, which opened up residential streets to biking as a safe and healthy transit and leisure option for families during the pandemic. I am a longtime advocate and activist for biking as a public official, a private citizen and a huge biker myself.


3) Please share a memorable experience(s) you have of bicycling.

  • My first travel bike trip with Nicole Burgess, very challenging but also very enjoyable. My trip with Bike SD a few weeks ago, Biking for Climate event.
  • Organizing the first GOTV Bike ride for Candidate for Mayor David Alvarez
  • Organizing a bike ride in City Heights to engage the community early on to highlight the importance of the proposed SANDAG bike path projects.