2018 District 4 City Council Questionnaire: Monica Montgomery

Q: Transportation is the largest source of greenhouse gas emissions (55%) in San Diego. The City’s Climate Action Plan bicycle mode share goals are 6% of commuter trips by 2020 and 18% by 2035, from 1% today.  How will you ensure these mode share goals are achieved?


  • First, support projected bike projects (many projects never get approved in the approval process, or get derailed by politicians and special interests).
  • Second, advocate for more bike paths in district 4, and get community input on where bike lanes are most needed.
  • Invest in bike infrastructure near transit to fill the first and last mile gap.
  • Make sure that district 4 gets the funding for infrastructure it needs. Biking infrastructure is often associated with higher income communities where biking is seen as leisure. In communities like south east, many of the residents rely on active transport for everyday commuting. It is important that they also have access to safe transportation.

Q: The City of San Diego’s Bicycle Master Plan has been repeatedly delayed.  How would you secure funding and ensure build-out?

A: The Master Plan needs to be a higher priority. It may be possible to take parts of the plan and pair projects with other projects that already have funding. Either way, we can look to other funding sources, such as SANDAG, to advocate for additional funding.

Q: Safe bike lanes are often opposed by residents due to slower road speeds or reduced street parking.  How would you work with the community to address concerns – without compromising safety or delaying bike infrastructure in the name of consensus?

A: Since I was born and raised in the community, I have the relationships to come to consensus. Bike paths and traffic calming are in the best interest of all residents. They make our streets safer to navigate for everyone 8 to 80, not just those that are fortunate enough to drive cars. We will continue to educate community members about the importance of bike safety. Biking infrastructure is also good for all residents, not just the ones that bike. Streets that are safe for bikes, are also safer for pedestrians and cars.

Q: What are your top 3 priorities for improving the biking experience in your Council District for residents and families?


  • Advocate for funding to complete bike projects in the areas that are the most dangerous for pedestrians and bikers.
  • Support trail connectivity through the Chollas Creek to Bayshore Bikeway Path Project, which affects the residents of District 4.
  • Build on a comprehensive local and regional bikeway network.

Q: Please share a memorable experience(s) you have of bicycling.

A: I love biking at the beach. My dear friend and former roommate was moving out of the state of California and talked me into renting a bike and riding at mission beach. We had a lot of fun, and I found it very relaxing.