2018 County Supervisor District 4 Questionnaire: Nathan Fletcher

Nathan Fletcher

Do you have memorable experiences or memories while riding a bike?

Two experiences come to mind when I think of my most memorable moments on a bicycle. The first, teaching my two boys how to ride a bike, encouraging them to explore and live an active, environmentally conscious lifestyle. We frequently all head out on cycling adventures and really enjoy the family time on bikes! Another memorable experience for me is when I took part in the Iron Man competition. The grueling contest challenged my physical limits and showed me how to continue to push myself. I arrived at this goal after suffering a devastating injury while on active duty in the Marine Corps. Cycling was key to my recover and progressing from learning to walk again to finishing the Ironman was a great feat!

SANDAG’s failed Measure A and its reform under AB805 have put transportation issues at the forefront of San Diego politics. What is your vision for transportation in San Diego County, and how does active transportation fit into it?


For years we have had an ineffective, backwards looking SANDAG board. Now through AB805, alternative forms of transportation, including all forms of active transportation, will have a greater opportunity to move to the forefront of San Diego County’s scope. Active transportation should always be at the forefront of future transportation infrastructure discussion. Not only does active transportation, such as cycling, promote more active and healthy lifestyles, it is also environmentally conscious. Once elected to the Board, I will make sure that our citizens have access to enhanced bike and active transportation infrastructure. We need to make biking a safer easier choice for San Diegans.

As county supervisor, you may have the opportunity to serve on the

boards of MTS or SANDAG. (How) would you advocate for SANDAG’s bicycle early action program, which has experienced significant delays? Would you support MTS ballot measures that include funding for bicycle infrastructure?

I would absolutely support a ballot measure that would include funding for bi

cycle infrastructure. After AB805 the county will play a bigger role allowing me to fight harder for and support pro-bike programs and infrastructure.

Unfortunately, improved safety conditions for bicyclists have been opposed by segments of the community. Politicians often seek a “consensus” solution, but these are not always possible. How would you work with all sides to ensure safety improvements occur?

We are far past seeking consensus solutions. For generations the focus on transportation has been automobiles. It is time we focused on creating true equity in transportation by spending more of our regions transportation resources to support cycling and active transportation. If implemented correctly, we can reduce Greenhouse Gas emissions, create safe biking conditions, and help create bike conditions that make San Diego a national leader for cycling. Safety for all San Diegans needs to be the priority, not politics.