BikeSD-Vote Election Endorsements 2020

Did you know that BikeSD is also 501(c)(4) nonprofit organization?

This means that along with advocating for safer streets we can also engage with electoral politics. We are working not just to improve policymakers decisions about transportation in our city, but to improve who those policymakers are.

It’s vital to our mission that we elect officials who share with our supporters across the county our agenda of advocating for equitable, inclusive, and prosperous communities where bicycling helps to enable all San Diegans to lead healthy and joyful lives.

Please visit to see the endorsements for the November 3rd, 2020 election.



September Bicycle Giveaway!

We are giving away a beautiful bicycle this month! It's a fundraising event and only costs $5 to enter. The bicycle is a Linus Gaston 5 with a five speed internally geared rear hub for easy maintenance and reliability. Donations accepted until October 10th. See the Campaign Page for more details.

MEDIA ADVISORY: Advocates Call on Mayor Faulconer and City of San Diego to Replace Painted Over Bike Lane After Hit & Run



FOR PLANNING PURPOSES: Wednesday, September 2, 2020 at 11 AM

MEDIA CONTACT: Kyle Heiskala

Phone: (619) 300-9484

M E D I A   A D V I S O R Y

Advocates Call on Mayor Faulconer and City of San Diego to Replace Painted Over Bike Lane After Hit & Run


WHAT: Press conference with bicycle safety advocates to call on the City of San Diego and Mayor Faulconer to immediately address the dangerous situation on Washington Street and to replace a bike lane which was painted over to add parking. As a result of the existing unsafe conditions, a 66-year old bicyclist riding eastbound on Washington on August 21st, 2020 was struck by a car and critically injured and the driver fled the scene. 


WHO: Bicycle Advocacy Organization Representatives

  • BikeSD

  • San Diego County Bicycle Coalition

  • San Diego Mountain Biking Association


WHEN: Wednesday, September 2, 2020, at 11:00 am


WHERE: 3754 Columbia St, San Diego, CA 92103 - Intersection of Columbia St and Andrews St


More information: The bike lane symbols formerly in this location were painted over to add free street parking. As a result, a 66-year old bicyclist riding eastbound on Washington on August 21st, 2020 was struck by a car and critically injured and the driver fled the scene. View SDPD video on Twitter here:


Last year, 44 pedestrians, bicyclists, and vehicle and motorcycle drivers lost their lives unnecessarily on San Diego streets and six bicyclists have been hit since 2012 near the Washington St and India St intersection. The current Class III painted “sharrows” in the second eastbound travel lane are not recommended by the State of California for speed limits above 35 MPH.  However, the posted speed limit is 45 MPH, and a speed study of the corridor showed traffic speeds averaging 55 MPH or more, with some motorists traveling 70 MPH.


BikeSD | San Diego County Bicycle Coalition
San Diego Mountain Biking Association




Complete Communities:

Call in to Support Mobility Choices at City of San Diego's Land Use & Housing Committee, June 24th at 9 am

Written comments:

Call in to the meeting at 9 am:

DIAL: 619-541-6310 2.
Enter the Access Code: 877861 then press ‘#’.

More information on Complete Communities: Mobility Choices & Housing Solutions

Talking Points:

  • Support Item #2 - Complete Communities: Mobility Choices & Housing Solutions which will help create a healthier, safer and more livable city with more transportation options.
  • Support the Active Transportation In Lieu Fee and Neighborhood Enhancement In Lieu Fee because those policies will provide more funding to complete active transportation networks throughout the urban core, and create more programs to support active transportation.
  • Support the Complete Communities Housing Solutions and Mobility Choices which will impose a fee for Vehicle Miles Traveled reduction to fund alternative transportation options focused in historically underserved communities and go a long way in lowering San Diego's dependence on automobiles. 
  • Today’s action will help make San Diego a more bikeable city and help us achieve the Climate Action Plan mode share goals for transportation.

    More information:


People carrying a table to a parking space.

Send a Letter to the Mayor & City Council to Show your Support for Open Air Dining San Diego

Send a Letter to the Mayor & City Council to Show your Support for Open Air Dining San Diego to Help Businesses Utilize the Public Right of Way during COVID-19

A diverse group of organizations is requesting that the Mayor and City Council consider changes to the special events permits to allow dining and physical distancing for designated businesses.  Join us in requesting that this extra public space be used to provide safer conditions for social distancing due to the COVID-19 crisis.

Click the green button below to can send a pre-written letter, or tell your own story and write your own.

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May 27, 2020 

The Honorable Kevin Faulconer
Mayor City of San Diego
202 C Street, 11th Floor
San Diego, CA 92101 


Open Air Dining San Diego: Request for an Expedited Permitting Process to Allow San Diego Businesses to Utilize Public Right of Way


Dear Mayor Faulconer,

On May 20th the State approved the County of San Diego’s request to allow the region to accelerate the reopening of the local economy. San Diego is moving further into Stage 2 of the California Resiliency Roadmap.  Under the proposal, in-person dining at restaurants and retail shopping is allowed, as long as businesses enact social distancing measures and follow various restrictions to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus.

Many restaurants, retail establishments and small businesses in San Diego are submitting plans to the County to reopen as a result of Governor Newsom’s announcement allowing a transition from Phase II to Phase III reopening. We should comply with all regulations and facilitate a safe opening by expanding the use of the public right of way to accommodate mobility options such as bicycling, walking and utilizing more public space for shopping and dining while preserving accessibility.

It is critical that we remain flexible and innovative in these unprecedented times to facilitate the reopening of restaurants and businesses while also ensuring their ability to comply with social distancing requirements. To accommodate this, we have identified specific recommendations for the use of the innovative use of special event permits and public right-of-way (PROW) permits and that would enable a swift and safe opening of restaurants that could be referred to as the “Open Air Dining San Diego” program.

We request the following 3 measures be implemented by the City of San Diego:

  1. An expedited process to allow non-profits to apply for special event permits exempted from CEQA that would allow for innovative use of sidewalk areas, parking lanes, streets, or adjacent parking lots through an expanded business footprint for patio dining.
  2. Fast-tracking of Public-Right of Way (PROW) permits for businesses setting up tables and chairs in these newly identified expanded footprints.
  3. Waive the need for Police & Fire Department fees or SETC traffic personnel associated with these new special event permits.

New Alcohol and Beverage control regulations allow for businesses licensed to serve alcohol to apply for a permit to expand their footprint into adjacent property including the public right of way. The application requires a diagram that could also be used by the City of San Diego in an expedited approval process for the applicable Special Event Permit.

Many businesses may not be viable under the required social distancing guidelines, nor will some survive the time it currently takes to secure a Special Event Permit to expand their offerings and gain a critical number of customers. The requested measures will help those businesses and our business districts while preserving the public’s health and safety. As stated by the Downtown San Diego Partnership in their May 20th letter, our commercial zones are suffering, and these zones provide thousands of jobs, important services, and social and entertainment outlets for our residents and visitors. 

This is a matter of protecting public health, supporting our local businesses and making use of our public streets to enable San Diego businesses to reopen both quickly and safely.

We look forward to working with you on the Open Air Dining San Diego program.




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