The California Juggernaut in The Congressional Bike Caucus

Out of the 53 California representatives, 24 belong to The Congressional Bike Caucus.

Founded by Rep. Earl Blumenauer, the Bike Caucus' mission is:

To provide Congressional leadership in complementing the efforts of the millions of cyclists actively working for safer roads, more bikeways, convenient bike parking and increased recognition of the importance of cycling for transportation and recreation.

Closer to home, Rep. Susan Davis representing the 53rd Congressional District, and Rep. Bob Filner representing the 51st Congressional District are both members of the Bike Caucus.

On August 29th, 2009, Rep. Davis will be attending the Green Jobs Forum here in San Diego. The workshop will be held at 3910 University Ave., San Diego, CA 92105. Rep. Davis has been asked to address increasing transportation investment for non-motorized transportation. We hope that she will do so and thus ensure that San Diego becomes a world class city for bicycling.

A Haven for Sporting Goods Manufacturers and Bike Builders

San Diegan entrepreneurs know how to take advantage of the excellent climate and geographical terrain available to them. "Sporting-goods manufacturers employ about 3,400 people in San Diego and Riverside counties, and pay annual wages of $190 million, according to state data."

These manufacturers include San Diego's growing number of bicycle manufacturers who produce between between "2,000 to 100,000 frames per year." Brands include Electra and Ellsworth Handcrafted Bikes.

Read more about San Diego's growing bike manufacturers here.

The most perfect setting

flickr_protorio There is this city that has perfect weather for 350 days every single year. The remaining 15.25 days usually has a few droplets of rain or temperatures that climbs into the unforgivable 80 degree Fahrenheit range. The 350 days of the year is neither too hot, nor too cold. Not too wet, nor too dry. It is simply perfect. Where is this magical place?

Why it is San Diego of course. Every single day has the most perfect weather. Every day is a perfect excuse to ride.

(Image via protorio)