Group Ride to CicloSDias in Pacific Beach -- Sunday, November 7th

Let’s gather for a group ride from North Park to Pacific Beach for CicloSDias in PB! 

Meet up at 10am at the North Park Mini Park behind the Observatory, and we’ll ride at 10:30!

We’ll make a ride that’s safe for all, and we’ll keep it casual, staying together as a group, from North Park, into University Heights, and down into Mission Valley, through Bay Park to PB. 

Get to the Velodrome swap meet early (they open at 9), the ride a few blocks north to meet up!

Call to Action: Let’s Push Key Regional Bikeways Across the Finish Line! Friday 09/24 @ 9AM.

Call to Action: Let’s Push Key Regional Bikeways Across the Finish Line!

Agenda Item 13: Regional Bikeway Program: Program Status, Program Future, and Potential Budget Amendments 

WHAT: The SANDAG Board of Directors will consider a budget amendment to accept state and federal grant funding to complete the Howard, University, and Orange Bikeways, and a section of the Inland Rail Trail. These Bikeways are part of the Regional Bike Plan Early Action Program—a proposed network of 77 miles of high-quality bikeways adopted in 2013. 


BikeSD and our partner organizations need you to show the Board you support bike infrastructure! Please call into the meeting urging SANDAG to approve this budget amendment, to continue making progress on a world-class network of bike lanes. 

WHEN: Friday, 9/24 @ 9:00 (virtual)


  1. Attend the zoom meeting, here: 
    1. Detailed instructions on the agenda, here.
  2. Click the ‘raise hand’ function when item 13 is called. 

RECOMMENDED TALKING POINTS (Choose a few, or make them your own! Comments will likely be limited to 2 minutes.)

  • Hi, my name is [NAME] with [ORGANIZATION - optional], calling in SUPPORT of today’s action to fund bikeways on Howard, University, and Orange, and the Inland Rail Trail. 
  • Thank you to SANDAG staff and Board for working hard to make significant progress on the Regional Bike Plan Early Action Program (EAP).
  • It is clear that this funding is urgently needed. Eight years into this program, less than 14 of the 77 proposed miles are open to the public. 
  • However, the Bike Early Action Program needs change: 
    • Process Improvements: EAP projects should not take 10 years to complete. We urge you to identify ways to expedite the process of bike project delivery, and keep costs contained. 
    • Prioritization: Prioritize future investments in bike infrastructure in historically underinvested Communities of Concern, with the least access to safe and sustainable transportation choices.
    • Expand the Network: Complete the planned EAP network as soon as possible, and then commit to expanding the network to ensure the City of San Diego’s Climate Action Plan 2035 mode shift target for biking is achieved.
  • I SUPPORT this budget amendment because (pick your favorite(s)): 
    • Vision Zero: Cyclists’ deaths are tragic and avoidable. A safe network of bike lanes is essential to saving lives.
    • Transportation Justice: Communities of color and low-income communities have the least access to safe and sustainable mobility options. 
    • Climate Action: Transportation accounts for more greenhouse gas emissions than any other sector by far. To stop the climate crisis, we must get people out of their fossil fuel cars and into sustainable modes of travel, ASAP. 
    • Clean Air: San Diego is home to some of the most polluted neighborhoods in the state, largely due to cars and trucks. To secure cleaner air, especially for environmental justice communities, we need safe, protected infrastructure so more people can choose to go by bike. 
    • Access to Jobs: San Diegans should not have to rely on a car to move around the region and access their daily needs. We need a bike network with better access to the region’s job centers.  
  • Thank you for prioritizing safe bike lanes.

Advocates Demand Safer Bicycle Facilities

Action Item: Send a Letter to Demand Immediate Improvements to the Bicycle Network in Response to the Increasing Frequency of Preventable Deaths

Action Item: Join BikeSD and seven partner organizations in demanding immediate improvements to the bicycle network in response to the increasing frequency of preventable deaths; 25 miles of protected bike lanes per year

On Monday, July 26th, BikeSD, San Diego County Bicycle Coalition, Climate Action Campaign, Circulate San DIego, and a number of other partner organizations held a Press Conference at Bird Park in North Park, close to where Laura Shinn was killed while biking to work, and demanded  that bike projects stop being delayed as well as the construction of 25 miles of protected bicycle lanes in the City of San Diego every year.


BikeSD and partner organizations also wrote a policy letter detailing these demands [PDF]. 

You can join us in demanding immediate improvements to the bicycle network in San DIego to prevent more serious injuries and deaths, achieve our Vision Zero goal of zero deaths by 2025, as well as address our Climate Action Plan’s modeshare goals of 18% of San Diegans getting around via bike or scooter in Transit Priority Areas, by sending a letter to Mayor Todd Gloria, SANDAG Executive Director Hasan Ikhrata, as well as your San Diego city councilmember (table available at the bottom of this page with their email).

Click here to send an email right now (Don't forget to add your city councilmember)

Write your own personal message to,, as well as your city councilmember according to the table at the bottom of the page, and and please BCC: Modify this sample letter and copy/paste to your personal email app:


Mayor Todd Gloria, Executive Director Hasan Ikhrata, and City Councilmember ______,

I support the letter sent by eight community-based advocacy organizations demanding the immediate improvement of the bicycle network in San Diego in response to the recent wave of bike rider deaths. These deaths were completely avoidable and it would be unacceptable for us to maintain the status quo, which would only guarantee the continued loss of our neighbors, friends, and family members.


San Diego must quickly expand the rate in which it is building protected bicycle lanes and paths, expedite bikeways already in the pipeline such as those part of the SANDAG Early Action Plan, decrease speed limits on dangerous roads, and fully fund and finish the mobility action plan. San Diego must do these things in order to ensure that we meet our Vision Zero goals of zero traffic deaths by the year 2025, as well as our Climate Action Plan goals of 18 percent of trips being completed by bikes or scooters in transit priority areas.



San Diego City Council Districts and Councilmembers

Council District Councilmember Councilmember Email
District 1 Joe LaCava
District 2 Jennifer Campbell
District 3 Stephen Whitburn
District 4 Monica Montgomery-Steppe
District 5 Marni von Wilpert
District 6 Chris Cate
District 7 Raul Campillo
District 8 Vivian Moreno
District 9 Sean Elo-Rivera

Use this map to find out which city council district you are in.

Rise Up Town 2021 Slate

BikeSD Endorses Rise Up Town Slate of Candidates for Uptown Planners Election

Rise Up Town 2021 Slate

The BikeSD board voted to endorse the Rise Up Town slate of candidates for the Uptown Planners election. Uptown Planners serves in an advisory role to the City of San Diego on topics related to land-use, development, and discretionary projects in the six neighborhoods of Uptown: Hillcrest, Mission Hills, Bankers Hill, University Heights (west of Park Blvd), Five Points/Middletown, and the Medical Complex.

The Rise Up Town platform states "The best way to support a thriving community is to make it easier to access by walking, busing, rolling, biking, and scootering. Our candidates bring stronger voices who favor more mobility options — and increasing the safety of everyone on our neighborhood streets. When people feel good about strolling or rolling through their neighborhood, they shop more, they meet up more, they do more. We want Uptown Planners to promote mobility and transit options for people who live in here because it makes Uptown a better place to live."

Several BikeSD volunteers have been involved with Rise Uptown in the past or on the current slate. We are confident in the slate's ability to make Uptown San Diego a more pleasant place to bike and scooter. Getting a Community Planning Group in Uptown that supports micromobility infrastructure is critical to making San Diego a more bike and scooter-friendly place, as recent history has shown.

If you live or own a business in Uptown, we strongly encourage you to vote in the Uptown Planners election on June 30th, July 5th, or July 6th. To find out how to do so, visit the Rise Up Town website or download their slate card (PDF).

Mourning the Loss of Swati Tyagi

Swati Tyagi with her son, Miransh. Source: San Diego Union-Tribune, originally provided by Tyagi's family.

We are very saddened by the loss of Dr. Swati Tyagi, PhD who was tragically killed this week when a driver struck her from behind while she was riding her bike southbound on North Torrey Pines road as it approaches La Jolla Village Drive.

Dr. Tyagi was a scientist at the Salk Institute, which issued a press release describing her as an accomplished scientist, who was recognized with the 2017 Salk Women & Science Special Award.

She left behind an 11 month old son and husband. BikeSD has reached out to Dr. Tyagi's husband to express our condolences.

The section in which Dr. Tyagi was killed contained an intermittent class II bike lane with no buffer, adjacent to a high-volume and high-speed road. According to the National Association of City Transportation Officials Urban Bikeway Design guide, such a road should have a fully-protected bicycle lane or separate adjacent bike path.