San Diego Climate Hub

BikeSD and The Climate Hub on Earth Day

BikeSD member Elizabeth Mayer rolled over to The Climate Hub press conference on April 22 in front of the University Christian Church. The press conference, on Earth Day, emphasized the shared commitment of The Climate Hub members and focused on the need to support solar energy.

The Climate Hub’s Tara Hammond coordinated the event that included speakers Council member Stephen Whitburn (City of San Diego District 3), Rev. Dr. Caleb J. Lines (Senior Minister, University Christian Church) and representatives from Climate Hub members San Diego Green New Deal, Hammond Climate Solutions, San Diego350 as well as other members of the community.

BikeSD is grateful to be a member of the Climate Hub and to support this event as we continue to make San Diego the world-class bicycling city we know it can be.

We will continue to do this by advocating for safer streets and greater cycling infrastructure that invites our neighbors to choose to ride their bicycles. If we all exchange even just one car trip with a bicycle ride – we’re making strides toward our region’s climate goals.

With greater cycling infrastructure such as what BikeSD’s board president Kyle Heiskala and Stephan Vance (Chair of San Diego Bike Coalition), expressed support for in their Opinion: Bikeways Are Needed to Safely Introduce San Diegans to Bicycle Commuting, more riding is the future.

BikeSD Parklet

The Time is Now

We cannot fear change, we must adapt.

In the swell of pivoting to ensure small businesses survive the ever-changing landscape of pandemic-related restrictions; the City of San Diego temporarily eased restrictions on establishing parklets.

Let’s make temporary permanent. Let the parklets stay.

As San Diegans, we are accustomed to and often prefer opportunities to dine outdoors. With our average 75-degree and sunny weather, San Diego is in the perfect climate position to encourage and support parklets.

This also provides a perfect climate position to encourage and support cycling. The dedicated bike lane on 30th Street is an integral part of the North Park of the future.

Close your eyes and imagine a vibrant, people centric, 30th Street with fewer cars, more people meandering between establishments and more people riding up to their favorite restaurant - imagine 30th Street busy, but with far few car horns.

Since the shutdown a year ago, there are now over 450 businesses leveraging parklet space as business space to serve their customers. It is a wonderful sight to behold and is one many would like to see in San Diego permanently. We love it and believe it is a healthy, vibrant, wonderful future for our business districts.

Unfortunately, there is a conflict on 30th Street between a long anticipated paving project and the parklets we wish to remain in operation. We believe there is a solution for these businesses’ parklets to stay permanently after businesses are opened to indoor dining. Timing is everything. If we do not act swiftly, we will lose the majority of the parklets that we have learned to love and enjoy.

Among the parklet designs available from the City San Diego, BikeSD is advocating for an option that is a win for everyone. We spoke with several North Park business owners regarding this particular parklet design and received a majority of enthusiastic and optimistic responses. There was also an overwhelmingly positive response to the upcoming bike lane, too.

This alternative design moves the parklet to the sidewalk while providing a safe ADA walkway in the street right of way. This eliminates people walking through business patrons and allows for a continuous business. No wait staff weaving through tables and pedestrians. It creates a cohesive environment where customers can hear the music, see the televisions and feel like part of the venue while enjoying the outdoors. Lastly, but critically, it provides the space for a continuous bikeway that avoids conflict zones. This is a solution that can support businesses to continue outdoor dining past the pandemic and into a more vibrant people centric city.

We want to continue supporting our North Park businesses. Join us and ask city staff and Mayor Gloria to work on a solution for all, quickly and efficiently as we support the upcoming resurfacing project and want businesses to adapt and be prepared for the spring and summer season. 

Let’s act quickly and efficiently so we can support the upcoming resurfacing project, allow businesses to retain their parklets and be prepared for the spring and summer season. 

Let’s be bold. Let’s take this opportunity to construct 30th Street for all of North Park, to be a leader for the rest of San Diego. 

Who is ready for bike parties on a parklet filled 30th Street? We are ready.