Uptown Bike Corridor Project Community Advisory Group Kicks Off Design Process Tonight

Yesterday, SANDAG got the legal smackdown for pushing a car-centric transportation vision as part of their 2050 Regional Transportation Plan. SANDAG’s plan was the first in the state to actively plan for reducing greenhouse gas emissions under S.B. 375, “a landmark piece of legislation that mandated that transportation plans be tied to a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions

The tiny component of the plan that is the bicycling portion continues to move along. Tonight the second phase of the bicycle plan – the design phase – begins.

For the past several months, SANDAG planners have been doing outreach at the uptown planning groups to encourage planning committee members to join the Uptown Bike Corridor Project Community Advisory Group. Tonight the group convenes for the first time.

Uptown Bike Corridor Project Community Advisory Group

Wednesday, December 5
6:00 pm to 8:30 pm
Balboa Park Club, Sante Fe Room, 2150 Pan American Rd W

Beth Robrahn, the primary point of contact for this process stated that members of the public (who are not on the advisory group) will also be given an opportunity to provide input. The goal is to facilitate ‘networking’ and encourage anyone interested to be informed about the project – process, issues, best practices, potential design solutions, etc. and share information with others in order to build strong community support for the design that results from the project design phase.

For more information about this process, check out the flier below:

Uptown Info Sheet provided by SANDAG.
Page 2 of Uptown Info Sheet provided by SANDAG