Update: Pro-bike and housing candidates win Uptown Planners election

Rise Up Town members after victory at Uptown Planners, March 5, 2019
Rise Up Town members, L-R: Curtis Allen (owner of Uptown Bicycles, BikeSD member), Steve Cline, Sharon Gehl, Gail Friedt (BikeSD member), Oscar Tavera, Zach Bunshaft, Randy Wilde (BikeSD member), Patrick Santana (BikeSD board member), Ian Epley, Matt Medeiros, Brer Marsh (BikeSD member), and Clint Daniels (BikeSD member).

thumbnail of KPBS story on Rise Up TownA major victory on March 5, 2019, for RISE UP TOWN, a slate of seven pro-housing, pro-biking, pro-walking, pro-transit candidates on the ballot for Uptown Planners board. This race offered a rare opportunity to shift the direction of this community board by bringing pro-housing/biking voices to a majority on the board. BikeSD members and allies who live (or owns a business or property) in Hillcrest, Mission Hills, Bankers Hill, UC Medical area, Middletown, and University Heights were urged to come out and vote. More from the KPBS story here: https://www.kpbs.org/news/2019/mar/06/density-urbanists-uptown-planners-yimby-housing/