Tomorrow: Full SANDAG Board Will Vote on Early Action Bike Program

Last Friday, the Transportation Committee unanimously voted to recommend that the entire SANDAG board vote to approve the Regional Bike Plan Early Action Program with Scenario 1 as the preferred implementation option. Tomorrow, the entire board will determine whether they will do the same.

In layman’s terms, the entire board is voting to approve funding to implement a lot of really amazing bike facilities that will be constructed and ready for use in a few years.

In other words we could get something like this:
Sunday in Amsterdam-10

which would result in parking problems like this (not a bad tradeoff, we say):

Amsterdam the magnificent-16

The Board of Directors meeting will be held at:

Where: SANDAG Board Room
401 B Street, 7th Floor
San Diego
Time to show up: before 10AM

No matter where you live in San Diego County, it would be really helpful for you to show up and offer supportive comments to the board that represent constituents through San Diego County.

The projects that will be funded if the board approves are as follows Scenario1

Tomorrow, BikeSD the organization will be one year old. How wonderful it would be to end the year on a high note celebrating our first full year’s worth of advocacy. So tomorrow, please show up and speak up in support of the vote. It’s going to be very exciting morning.

UPDATE: The SANDAG Board unanimously voted to approve funding (Scenario 1) for the Early Action Program.