Today: North Park Planning Sub-Committee to Vote on New Bike Corrals and a Parklet

Today, the North Park Planning Sub-Committee will vote on approving the installation of two new bike corrals and the city’s first parklet.

The two new bike corrals are scheduled to be installed at 3417 30th Street and 4026 30th Street (in front of Toronado).

The parklet would be San Diego’s first and scheduled to be installed mere months after the last Park(ing) Day. The parklet is scheduled to be installed at 3933 30th St, in front of Caffé Calabria.

Temporary Parklet in front of Sea Rocket Bistro implemented on Park(ING) Day. Photo: Dennis Stein

What is a Parklet? One way of looking at a parklet is to consider it as reclaimed public space.

Instead of reclaiming a piece of underutilized roadway at an intersection, Parklets repurpose two to three parking stalls along a block as a space for people to relax, drink a cup of coffee, and enjoy the city around them. Parklets do this by building out a platform into the parking lane so that the grade of the sidewalk gets carried out into the parking lane. On the platform, benches, planters, landscaping, bike parking, and café tables and chairs all come together to provide a welcoming new public space.

If you would like to attend the meeting to voice your support, in person, of the projects, the meeting will be held at the North Park Recreation Center at 2719 Howard Avenue starting at 6PM.

If you’d like to offer your support via email, please contact the North Park Planning Committee. Below is a template you may send to the Committee Chair, Robert Barry at

Dear North Park Planning Committee,

Please vote to approve the two new bike corrals and parklet that will further transform North Park into becoming a more livable and beautiful neighborhood for her residents and visitors.


(your name)

Edit: The original post stated that the North Park Planning Committee would vote on the issue, it was a sub-committee that the issue was presented to.