This movement must grow

This week’s Citybeat had a story about the Uptown Bike Corridor project. The story, written by Joshua Emerson Smith, shed light into what we as an organization are up against: significant money even in small amounts vastly outstrips our own financial capacity to fight against the city’s car-centric status quo.

Despite an honest effort in getting our supporters participating in the public process while slowly building consensus and trust for over two years – it was all for naught. Will the SANDAG Transportation Committee re-consider the Uptown Bike Corridor project for University Avenue again with the knowledge that Supervisor Ron Roberts’ vote was ethically questionable? I’m not sure that they will. We live in a very car-centric city and despite all the data, studies, public outcries, laws in place compelling our city to change to a multi-modal city – it is clear that the status quo under the guise of marginal gains is what will continue to be pushed and implemented.

Polk Street Contraflow Cycle Track Photo Dianne Yee
San Francisco has protected bike lanes on Polk Street because of an influential bike advocacy organization. Our city won’t change without your support. Give today.

The San Francisco Bicycle Coalition is as influential as it is today because it represents 1 in 60 San Franciscans. We represent a mere 1 in 1,000. We have a long way to go before we can successfully claim substantial victories and implement safer streets. I hope you will stick with us for the long haul. If we are to attain any level of influence that a “small non-profit” such as the Hillcrest Business Association has with their being able to spend upwards of $20,000 to fight off safer streets and community consensus, we just have to grow as an organization. If you believe we still can be a world-class city for bicycling, please commit to supporting our work today and inviting a friend to join you.