Statement from the SDCBC on Chuck Gilbreth’s Death

As Executive Director of the San Diego County Bicycle Coalition, I am deeply saddened and terribly troubled to learn of  the recent fatailty of Mr. Charles Gilbreth, a man who was riding his bike home from work and was struck and killed by an SUV on Wednesday, April 18. This marks the second bike fatality of a legally riding bicyclsit in the last three weeks in San Diego. This is unacceptable. According to reports, Mr. Gilbreth was riding in the bike lane on Montezuma Road when he was struck. If confirmed, we can not be satisfied until there is full and complete legal action taken in this case and in the case of Mr. David Ortiz. The San Diego bicycling community needs action now…for safer streets and protection for all who ride  legally everyday in San Diego. We wish to express our sincerest sympathies to the family and friends of Mr.Gilbreth and we will work on his behalf and all who ride bikes to make San Diego a safer, more complete bicycling community.