Press Release: Chuck Gilbreth Memorial Ride


San Diego, CA –  Local bicyclists are organizing a memorial & advocacy bike ride for a rider who was struck and killed on his way home from work last week.

The ride will take place Wednesday, April 25, 2012 at 4:00 pm.  The ride will begin at the fountain in Balboa Park and conclude at 202 C Street. in front of the City Administration Building.  Between 4:00-4:30pm bicyclists at Balboa park will outline bodies in sidewalk chalk and use yellow caution tape to simulate a crime scene.  Then, bicyclists will ride to the City Administration building and lay down on the ground with their bicycles to send a message to the City that continued inaction for safer roadway design is unacceptable to the bicycling community.

It appears in this particular incident, the SUV driver became impatient behind a city bus and decided to pass the bus on the right side in the bike lane.  Mr. Gilbreth was then subsequently struck by the SUV, leading to his unfortunate and untimely death.

Chuck Gilbreth represents the 14th bicycling fatality in Southern California this year and the third since April 12th.  Bicycling fatalities are now at a rate of one a month; this is unacceptable to the bicycling community.  Further, what is extremely concerning to us is the people who are dying on our city streets are not reckless or inexperienced bicyclists, they are in fact very cautious and experienced riders often being killed during their commute to or from work.

Ironically, Mr. Gilbreth’s fatality comes at the 5-year anniversary of KPBS broadcast journalist Tom Fudge’s serious crash which occurred on the same stretch of roadway.  KPBS reporter Tom Fudge was not killed but is still suffering the effects of his injuries.  (  Mr. Fudge’s injury five years ago highlights the city’s continued inaction and lack of care for safer roads.


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Timur Ender