Foto Friday:’s Vision Map

Last night, we formally launched as a bike advocacy organization. A writeup is forthcoming…but first, we need some help from you.

Howard Blackson, our local visionary and planner, lent his incredibly design and planning talent to designing our vision map which we unveiled yesterday at our launch party.

The vision map below is a version 0.1 and during the next 12 months, we’re going to need your feedback to make this a truly visionary map – a guide on what our city will look like as a world-class bicycle friendly city. We focused on the mid-city and beach community only because we lack the resources for the time being to have a full scale city-wide map. Our goal is to expand the map to cover the entire city of San Diego after our first year.

San Diego is slowly making her name known around the world for her quality beer and it’s time she rise up the ranks and be recognized for her bikeability as well. People ride to places where there is good beer, good food, along good bike routes. The map below depicts the our city’s topography, her existing bike infrastructure (dark blue lines), our many freeways (red lines), our initial proposals for protected bike lanes such as cycletracks (orange lines) and the clusters of destinations (places to get breakfast and/or beer). The concentric circles are distance lines: each one being a mile apart from the other.

With your help, we want to add in more orange lines that will showcase what our city can truly look like as a world-class bicycle friendly city.

Does this mean we won’t be doing anything else? Of course not! We plan on working on four specific campaigns to bring the issues to the forefront and ensure that San Diego does become the city we believe it can be. But in the meantime, we know that everyone who rides has a million and one ideas on how they would fix the city to make it more inviting to ride in and more livable. So send in those ideas!

Please leave comments, tweet your suggestions, post comments on our facebook page, upload your suggestions to flickr or instagram – but use the #bikeSD hashtag so we can keep track of all your feedback. If you want to do it the old fashioned way, send in your suggestions to with the subject “#bikeSD vision map”. At the end of our first year, we want to have a clearer vision of what exactly we’re going to be advocating for and your feedback will help clarify what that vision map looks like so we can be more effective advocates working on your behalf. You can use this google map that is open for editing to start adding your suggestions.’s Vision Map. We need your feedback to make this a truly visionary map. Use the #bikeSD hashtag. Click for bigger version

Howard Blackson is on twitter and you should most definitely follow him there to keep up with what’s going on in the world of planning, urban design and tactical urbanism.

Edit: Per Phyllis Orrick’s suggestion, we’ll be overlaying the collision data from TIMS to determine where San Diegans ride and possible spots in San Diego that require needed attention.