David Ortiz Memorial Ride draws family, friends, co-workers, and strangers together

Cyclists joined together to lay down in front of the City Administration Building to symbolize the number lives that are needlessly harmed or gone foverever every single year. Photo by Paul Mitchel

Yesterday shortly after 4PM, everyone who was affected by the death of David Ortiz gathered at Balboa Park to ride down to the City Administration Building. The purpose was express a collective frustration regarding the dangerous streets all San Diegans are exposed to on a daily basis.

The ride was moving. Michael Ortiz, David Ortiz’s brother, flew in from New York City to participate in the ride. He was very touched by the gesture and expressed gratitude for allowing him to gain some sense of closure. The SDPD sent in several officers to accompany the riders and were very supportive of the ride.

Channel 5 was on hand to document the ride and interview Michael Ortiz. (Ed. Note: story taken down by Fox News)

I heard reports that Channel 10 again misreported the facts surrounding the case by stating that Ortiz was riding against traffic when he was struck by the first Ford Expedition. I’ve contacted Joel Davis[ joel_davis@10news.com], Channel 10’s News Director, to issue a correction.