Cyclists Attacked in Beach Communities

When we first got word, two weeks ago, that cyclists were the victim of completely unprovoked attacks, we got the word out for riders to be alert and report any incident to the San Diego Police Department:



It seems that the attackers have not stopped and now Detective Scott Gosnell has been assigned to the case. Channel 10 reports,

San Diego police are looking for at least three suspects wanted in a string of random attacks against bicyclists. Investigators tell 10News snipers are using pellet guns to strike cyclists in a drive-by shooting and then taking off in a getaway car.

Officers say they are investigating at least two cases in La Jolla and Mount Soledad area, but have heard of similar attacks happening in Fiesta Island and near Torrey Pines


If you witness or experience an attack, please call 911. If you have additional information, please contact Detective Gosnell at (858) 552-1715.