Councilmember Mark Kersey Responds via Twitter Direct Message: His Position on Evaluating Street Widths

Last month newly elected City Council representative, Mark Kersey, held a twitter townhall where folks could ask Kersey questions. One of our questions was about our overbuilt streets which we brought up at our meeting this past Monday:

Kersey responded via twitter direct message (140 characters at a time) a few minutes ago stating the following:

Thank you for participating in my Twitter Q&A last month. I ran out of time before I could answer your question re: overbuilt streets.

My position is alternative road standards can be used as long ass (sic?) volumes are handled and safety is ensured. Options include street diets…

replacing urban 4-lane streets with 2-lane + medians, and pop outs. We use this strategy in older neighborhoods.

Thanks again for participating. Check back for future Twitter Q&As.