CityBeat’s Best of San Diego: A Bike Ride from North Park to Fiesta Island


CityBeat’s Best of 2015 issue is out today and Ryan Bradford gave us at shout-out! The piece starts as follows:

San Diego isn’t always kind to cyclists. While bicycling advocacy within the city has strengthened—due, in large part, to the tireless work of BikeSD and progressive city government—we still have some ways to go before it becomes a city for bikers. Ill-maintained surface roads are hell on street tires, motorists still don’t know how to share the road, and local media—even progressive media—has a tendency to vilify bikers as scofflaws (not to mention victim-blame: take note of any report on a bike-car collision that mentions the biker not wearing a helmet).

Thanks for the kind words, Ryan! Pick up your copy of Citybeat today and check it out!