BikeSD is proud to endorse Walter Chambers for Uptown Planners

I Bike. I vote. Photo from the last memorial ride die-in held at City Hall.
I bike. I vote. Photo from the last memorial ride die-in held at City Hall.

Last year we called on you to get involved with your community and you heeded our call. In the last year we were successful in getting nine of our members elected to the Community Planning Groups around the city.

A new year means new focus to get involved in making our neighborhoods better.

Walt Chambers has been one of the strongest voices for both our own mission and for the livability of Uptown’s future. His writings at Great Streets San Diego have made compelling arguments in support of expanding transportation choices for San Diego that would strengthen our local businesses and make our city more livable. A resident of Hillcrest and a voice for all us who walk, ride a bicycle (or want to) and drive, BikeSD is proud to endorse Walt Chambers to be our representative on the Uptown Planners Board.

If you reside or own a business in Uptown (Bankers Hill, Hillcrest, Mission Hills, and University Heights), please show up tonight between 5:30 and 7PM at the Joyce Beers Center to vote for Walt Chambers.

Our endorsement policy is available here.

Update: Unfortunately, our chosen candidate Walt Chambers didn’t win. The incumbent, Gary Bonner, who in 2012 successfully motioned to recommend a plan to downzone and maintain (existing) densities in Bankers Hill / Park West in the community plan update, won with 168 votes. Chambers received 96 votes and thus didn’t win the seat. Thank you to everyone who showed up to vote. While your efforts were not in vain, next year let’s do better.

Update 2: Statement from Chambers

Friends and Colleagues, I want to thank all of you who came out last night to the Uptown Planners meeting to vote for me. I saw many of you personally, but I know there were others who I didn't get a chance to thank. I really appreciate you taking the time and effort. Unfortunately, I was not elected. Once again, the very well organized opposition came out in force to elect the three most conservative candidates. The Uptown Planners have opposed smart growth, bicycle infrastructure, and repeatedly voted to restrict building and density. So it's up to us, now, to show up at the meetings if we want Uptown to be better. Uptown Planners meet the 1st Tuesday of every month. I hope you will attend! Thanks again. Next Year!

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