BikeSD Endorses Joe LaCava for City Council

Joe LaCava, BikeSD Founder and City Council Candidate

BikeSD is pleased to announce our endorsement of Joe LaCava for San Diego City Council District 1. Mr. LaCava is a civil engineer and a three-term Chair of the San Diego Community Planners Committee. In his work with the CPC, he has been instrumental in elevating the role of Community Planning Groups in the city – giving neighborhoods a say in the direction of their future character and design.

Joe LaCava is a champion of safe streets, and the infrastructure required to build them. As a founding member of BikeSD, he has proven his commitment to our mission of building a world-class bicycling city. On many occasions, BikeSD has been the beneficiary of Mr. LaCava’s wisdom and guidance. Any success we’ve had in moving toward our mission’s achievement has been in part because of his positive influence.

Upon hearing of BikeSD’s endorsement decision, Mr. LaCava said, “I am thrilled and humbled to be endorsed by an organization that I helped found. Neighborhoods that are safe for bicyclists are better neighborhoods for everyone.”

We couldn’t agree more – and we look forward to continuing the effort toward creating that world-class bicycling city in cooperation with Mr. LaCava as District 1 Councilmember. Best of luck, Joe!

While the election isn’t until 2016, we wanted to announce our endorsement of Joe early because of the incredible work he has done to date to further our movement along. Please donate to support his campaign. District 1 is currently represented by Councilmember Sherri Lightner who terms out next year. Click this map to see where District 1’s boundaries lie.