BikeSD Announces first 2016 Endorsements in San Diego City Council Races

Kyle Heiskala, Council District 1 (Open Seat)- Heiskala, current Council Representative for current D1 councilmember Sherri Lightner, is running for the open city council seat.  While a student at UCSD, Heiskala worked to improve bicycle facilities on campus.  He continued to advocate for our supporters’ interests while serving on the City of San Diego Bicycle Advisory committee.   In 2015, BikeSD endorsed Kyle for the Uptown planning group elections. This was a planning group that had been historically hostile and opposed to safe bicycle infrastructure more often than not. With Heiskala help, the group has now changed its tune and is now actively advocating to close the University Avenue gap that was voted on by SANDAG last June as part of the Uptown Bikeway project. Heiskala was instrumental in creating an educational subcommittee at Uptown Planners and educated the board on how and why bicycle infrastructure is key to safe streets – no matter how one gets around. Heiskala has been a dependable voice and a leader in advocating for safer streets. Heiskala’s years of advocating for bicyclists earned the endorsement of BikeSD board. To volunteer and help Heiskala win, please visit his campaign website.


Anthony Bernal, Council District 3 (Open Seat) –Bernal, Director of Business and Community Projects in current Councilmember Todd Gloria’s office, is running for the open Council seat being vacated by Todd Gloria. Bernal’s responses to BikeSD’s questions show an understanding of the importance of bicycle infrastructure and his strong support for the Downtown Mobility Plan earned the endorsement of the BikeSD board. One of the reasons the BikeSD board declined to endorse Bernal’s rival, Christopher Ward, was because of Ward’s history of voting on Uptown Planners as it related to both SANDAG and the Uptown Bikeway project and not having offered an explanation for his voting record while on Uptown Planners. Regarding the SANDAG’s uptown plan through Hillcrest, our board was concerned with Chris Ward’s voting record on the Uptown Planners commitee . In March of 2015, Ward voted with the anti-bike majority on 4 motions (Detailed here).  To volunteer and help Bernal win, please visit his campaign website.


Mark Kersey, Council District 5 (Incumbent) – Having completed four years as a city councilman, Mark Kersey has done something truly laud-worthy – elevated the importance of infrastructure and investing in it as a city-wide issue. He was a strong supporter of Vision Zero, the city’s commitment to eliminate all traffic fatalities and serious injuries, and the city’s Bicycle Master Plan. Councilmember Kersey has been a consistent voice for safer, calmer streets and been a consistent advocate for increased travel options while enabling businesses to support the same. To volunteer and help Councilmember Kersey keep his seat, please visit his campaign website.


Justin DeCesare, Council District 7 (Challenger), – DeCesare, local businessman and real estate broker,  is running against incumbent council member Scott Sherman.  DeCesare responses endorsing protected bike lanes and support of the City’s implementation of Vision Zero, earned DeCesare BikeSD’s endorsement.  To volunteer and help DeCesare win, please visit his campaign website.


Ricardo Flores, Council District 9 (Open Seat) – Flores as Chief of Staff to current councilmember, Marti Emerald, was instrumental in brokering an agreement with the College Area Committee that would ensure that College Avenue would become safe with the addition of bike lanes. He was instrumental in working with the community that was adamant that the city stick with the overdue-for-an-update Community Plan that called for College Avenue to be widened. Flores has demonstrated his ability to work with all stakeholders and be responsive. District 9 has some of the most underserved communities in San Diego with stark differences in income within the district. A willingness and commitment to work with all groups is key to ensuring that projects get built in this often neglected council district and Flores’ history of demonstrating that key ability earned BikeSD’s endorsement. To volunteer and help Flores win, please visit his campaign website.

BikeSD will help elect its endorsed candidates with volunteer support.

BikeSD Inc, is a 501(c)(4) California corporation. Our Endorsement Policy is available for you to read here. Please consider becoming a member or renewing your support so that we can elect strong leaders that will implement our vision in office.