Bicycle Commuting in San Diego

The last American Community Survey relating to commutes in the U.S. was released in 2007. The percentage of San Diegans that commuted by bicycle to work was 0.6% or 3,602 riders. The margin of error was +/- 920. This was an increase from 0.48% in 2003.

While the increase is encouraging, the percentage of people who do commute by bicycle is still pitiful. So perhaps it would be useful to provide some resources on how to commute by bicycle.

Paul Dorn’s Bike Commute Tips blog is a very helpful blog that discusses all concerns about commuting by bicycle. In San Diego, we don’t have to worry about commuting in the snow or even in the rain, but other concerns that are faced by many first-time commuters are addressed. Bike Whenever is another useful resource that has every imaginable sort of information, from picking a bicycle to riding it everywhere.

Maybe when the next issue of the American Community Survey comes around, San Diego’s bicycle commuter numbers could be enviable.