Adams Avenue Has New Sharrows (Again). Sharrows on Park Boulevard Scrubbed Away.

Last May, sharrows were placed on Adams Avenue. Last December the sharrows were removed from Adams Avenue in preparation of the street being resurfaced. The removal of the sharrows got some local media attention as well.

I finally had a chance to ride on the Adams Avenue this past week and took a few photos of the new sharrows that were placed about a month or so ago.

New Adams Avenue Sharrows
New Adams Avenue Sharrows
New Adams Avenue Sharrows

And now after placing sharrows on Park Boulevard last year, the powers that be at City Hall has decided to scrub them away. Here is a photo I took this morning of the scrubbed away sharrow:

Park Boulevard Sharrows - Now gone

I’m not sure why it is so difficult for departments at the City to communicate with one another to avoid duplicating work and wasting precious dollars.

For more on what sharrows actually are, read this writeup from Aaron Garland.