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City Council Unanimously Passes Resolution Prioritizing Bicycle Infrastructure Improvements in the City of San Diego to Enhance Public Safety

By now you may have heard the news from last Tueday about the unanimous City Council vote on the Resolution prioritizing bicycle infrastructure improvements to enhance public safety that got some excellent coverage on Fox 5. The Fox 5 coverage included an accurate visual depiction of how our riders have to play a dangerous game of frogger in order to navigate the various freeway ramps that litter our city.

First, a thank you. We want to thank Councilmember Lorie Zapf for rising up and pushing the issue. We reached out to her after David Ortiz died in her District last year. We encourage you to contact Councilmember Zapf and the other Councilmembers (Alvarez, Gloria, Kersey, Lightner, Sherman), who voted on this resolution to thank them as well. Councilmembers Kevin Faulconer and Marti Emerald were not present last Tuesday.

After our first meeting with Councilmember Zapf’s staff, we presented the case on why the I-805 and I-5 ramps on Balboa Avenue (and Clairemont Mesa Boulevard) needed to be redesigned. Councilmember Zapf, as chair of the Land Use & Housing Subcommittee agreed to prepare a resolution addressing our concerns. The original draft (.doc) that was sent to the City Attorney for review contained this paragraph which was then removed prior to being voted upon at the Land Use & Housing subcommittee and then later at the full City Council meeting.

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Bike Lanes in San Diego – Some Updates

Below are a few updates on bike lanes that are scheduled to be striped.

Ruffin Road Bike Lanes– The Project Manager overseeing the striping of bike lanes, Gaetano Martedi responded via email stating the following:

“The bicycle and vehicular loops have been installed. Final approval and inspection of the loops by the City is ongoing. I anticipate striping to be performed in January”

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Eastern Planning Group Approves Plans to Make University Avenue more Bike Friendly

At their monthly Board meeting last Tuesday, the Eastern Planning Group approved plans to make University Avenue between 54th and 68th Streets more bike friendly, more transit friendly and more pedestrian friendly.

The University Avenue Mobility Study that began in November 2010 concluded with a plan to make this segment of University Avenue a true Complete Street that will be inviting to all its road users. The city’s consultants, Darnell & Associates, will now work on preparing a cost estimate that will be presented to City Council next month for approval. Once City Council approves the cost estimate, actual construction will begin.

The biggest change to happen along this stretch of University Avenue will be the elimination of free right turns at 54th Street. This is in alignment with the new Caltrans policy update to their Highway Design Manual that will be implemented later this year. Free right turns make city streets more like freeways with off-ramps and on-ramps. A right turn on red can happen at any intersection even on regular 4-way intersections. The Highway Design Manual is the key guidance document that is used to develop Caltrans projects as well as local streets and roads. In light of the upcoming changes, free right hand turns throughout the state will soon be a relic of an auto-centric and dangerous past.

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Share your comments tonight to make University Avenue more bike friendly

For the past year and a half, the City of San Diego has been working with a Mobility Working Group comprised of residents, business owners, advocates and other citizens to improve the section of University Avenue between 54th and 68th Streets. As a result of nearly a year’s worth of work with this Working Group, the city is now ready to present solutions on how University Avenue can be improved. This is where you can play a part in making the eastern most section of University Avenue better for bicyclists. The Eastern Planning Group Meeting will be held at:

Eastern Planning Group Meeting

When: Tuesday (today) Oct 11, 2011
Time: 7:00 PM – 9:30 PM
Where: Holy Spirit Catholic Church – Parish Hall
2725 55th Street, San Diego, CA 92105

The goal is to prepare University Avenue for the year 2030 and ensure that all modes of transportation can move effectively. Along this corridor, bicycling traffic is expected to increase by 25%, automobile traffic is expected to go up by 24%.