Help get a beloved children’s bicycle park rebuilt

Almost a month ago a bicycle track that was both loved and well used was torn down by the city of San Diego. This track was part of a larger bicycle park built on a unused and undeveloped land in Point Loma at the corner of Famosa and Nimitz Boulevard. The bicycle park was built by a group of friends who shared a passion for riding bikes and who wanted to share that love with others in the community.

According to Scott Irwin, one of the supporters of the bicycle park which is now a desolate space,

The bicycle park quickly became a local hangout for children and adults in the community. We were picking up trash, making sure kids were wearing helmets, and promoting being involved in a positive outdoor activity. We built jumps for all ages and ability levels and even taught the neighborhood kids how to fix flat tires and tune up their brakes. Parents were bringing their kids on the weekends. It was awesome!

On February 9th, the city sent a crew in to destroy the bicycle tracks that were built. Over 30 children were there to watch their park get destroyed. Fox 5 News showcased the destruction on the 10 O’Clock news.

Some of the children who derived a lot of use from the bicycle park. Click image to watch the entire video.

The supporters of the bicycle park felt the idea of a bicycle park at the corner of Nimitz and Famosa was too good to die because of the tremendous positive impact the park had on the community. They formed a group called Freeride Famosa with the purpose of developing a multi-use community park.

After the park was leveled, Freeride Famosa contacted the city and started working with them to convert this undeveloped land into a community bicycle park.

District Two Councilmember, Kevin Faulconer, had his office reach out to Freeride Famosa on February 23rd to discuss the idea of recreating that beloved bicycle park at Site 22 (a.k.a the undeveloped land on the corner of Famosa and Nimitz). Now, Freeride Famosa has a meeting this coming Monday (March, 12) to discuss the transfer of the ownership of Site 22 from the San Diego Housing Commission to the City of San Diego for the purpose of developing a city bicycle park. During this meeting Freeride Famosa will begin conversations with the City Park & Rec Dept. about the steps necessary for development. The meeting will be attended by the following individuals:

  • Council President Pro Tem Faulconer
  • Michael Patton – Council Representative for the Ocean Beach / Point Loma area
  • Rick Gentry – President, San Diego Housing Commission
  • Stacey LoMedico – Park and Recreation Department
  • Victoria Joes – Mayor’s Office
  • and members of Freeride Famosa.

Freeride Famosa is currently developing a proposal to share during this meeting. I will post a copy of this proposal as soon as I receive a copy of it. However Freeride Famosa still needs your help to encourage the transfer of land ownership from the San Diego Housing Commission for the purpose of developing a community bicycle park at this location. Here is how you can help.

  1. They have created a petition to solicit community support in favor of this bicycle park. As of this writing 584 individuals out of a possible 1,000 have signed the petition. The results of this petition will be shared with the meeting participants this Monday.
  2. Freeride Famosa has developed a writing prompt to encourage children to express their support for the project.
  3. In the spirit of creating a multi-use park, the group is going to propose that they incorporate a community garden into the design.

Everyone in Point Loma who supports Freeride Famosa’s efforts are very motivated to create something positive for the community and deserve all the support they can get.

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