City Cleaning up Rose Creek Bike Path

Rose Creek Bike Path. Flickr/hitone23
Rose Creek Bike Path. Flickr/hitone23

The Rose Creek Bike Path that begins on the north end of East Mission Bay Drive and ends at Mission Bay Drive has long been the site for homeless encampments and has generally been neglected by the city. But Tom Landre, the city’s Bike Coordinator is working to ensure that the path is clean and a pleasant and useful route for the city’s cyclists

Tom Landre has been working with the SDPD and with the Public Works Department to clean up the Rose Creek Bike Path. Landre says the following,

we are working hard to get the Rose Creek Bike path cleaned up. The police department has been helping out by removing the homeless camp. The public works dept cleared out the trash and will be doing so again as shopping carts and other junk are reappearing. We are also trying to get the graffiti removed under the bridge.

San Diego has a new innovative program to help the homeless, you can read more about it here.

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