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The Shadowy Status of Bike Share in San Diego Gets a Bit Clearer

There has been quite a bit of coverage in the local media recently regarding dockless bike-share systems. Companies such as LimeBike, Ofo, Spin, and others have shown interest in operating in San Diego and one, LimeBike, is currently operating in Imperial Beach and National City.  These new offerings join DecoBike in providing bike-share options to the public in San Diego County.  DecoBike operates in the City of San Diego and is a “traditional” bike share system with docks that bikes are checked into and out of.  The dockless systems differ in not having the docking stations that are a staple of many bike share programs.  This increase in the bike-share options in the region would seem to be a good thing, with more options and more bikes for users as well as competitive forces spurring operators to provide good value and offer incentives, upgrades, etc to stay relevant and win market share.  However, in the City of San Diego there is some disagreement about the nature of the relationship the city has with DecoBike and whether other bike-share operators will be welcomed or even allowed in the city.

Two good articles to check out about bike share systems and the DecoBike agreement with San Diego cover the issue from a variety of angles.  They’re well worth a read.

CityBeat (John Lamb) – Nov 21, 2017

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News, Links, Events, and Other Views – Nov 28, 2017

Check out recent news and upcoming events from San Diego and beyond.  Have an article to share for our next News & Views post? Please email us – Enjoy!

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Hello From New BikeSD Director John Anderson

Hi, my name is John Anderson and I’m happy to be writing to you today to introduce myself as the new Interim Executive Director of Bike San Diego (BikeSD).  I’ve been a board member of BikeSD for a couple of years and am now stepping into the Executive Director role previously held by Sam Ollinger.  Sam has led BikeSD since it was formed five years ago (and even before then, when it was first born as a website).  Her efforts with BikeSD have clearly moved the conversation about bicycling and biking infrastructure in San Diego and I thank her for all the work and passion she has given to BikeSD.  Thanks to work done in the past, there is progress on new bike lanes around town, increased attention to better policies and more funding for bike projects from elected officials and civic employees, and there is momentum toward better on-the-ground infrastructure.  However, much of this progress is slow, start and stop, or at risk of being walked back.  It takes consistent attention and pressure to ensure that projects move forward and the ideas (many of them good or even great) come to fruition and don’t remain on paper alone.

That is the role that BikeSD plays.  We are present at public meetings, meeting with city staff and decision makers, and engaging with local media to push projects forward, question delays, and highlight examples of peer cities executing on transformational projects.  If Chicago can add “108 miles of new protected bike lanes” San Diego can as well and we should expect no less than benchmarking to world leading cities.  Along with other local organizations like Circulate San Diego, the San Diego County Bicycle Coalition and many others Bike San Diego is working everyday to push forward on making this a great place to live and biking is a big part of that.

Many of you reading this have been supporters of BikeSD for a long time – thank you!  Whether you are a member that attends every event, an occasional speaker at public hearings, or a person that simply enjoys biking around town and enjoying our beautiful city you are the real power of this organization.  Every additional voice amplifies the ability of BikeSD to push forward on our mission to “establish San Diego as a world-class bicycling city and create a more livable urban community by promoting everyday riding and advocating for bicycling infrastructure”.

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Sam’s Farewell Message

This is the hardest email I’ve had to write since I founded BikeSD five years ago. I will be leaving BikeSD soon and John Anderson will be the interim ED while a search goes out for the next ED.

When I founded BikeSD five years ago with the help of many, many friends—all of whom I met on group rides, I had no idea what was ahead of me. I was planning on doing some minor amount of advocacy on the side, but BikeSD took off and soon I was running a proper little grassroots organization.

Leaving BikeSD has been an decision I knew was coming but it was, nevertheless, a hard decision to make. Ultimately, I had to do something that was best not just for myself, but also for the organization. I have been given an incredible opportunity that I am very grateful for. Good organizations thrive and grow when new leadership comes in at regular intervals to help sustain and grow the organization. BikeSD is at this new and exciting juncture of its lifecycle.

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Temporary Realignment of Rose Canyon Bike Path

Here is an update we just received about the temporary realignment of Rose Canyon Bike Path.

The new temporary realignment of the Rose Canyon Bike Path is almost complete. Cyclists will be directed to use this new reroute beginning July 25 at approximately noon, but will still be able to access the existing path up to the point when the new path is opened for use. The new reroute will be in use through approximately November 2018. This path will reroute bicyclists from the existing Rose Canyon Bike Path west along the eastern shoulder of the northbound I-5 off-ramp. The protected, temporary two-lane bike path is constructed on the outside shoulder of the northbound I-5 off-ramp. Cyclists are required to use the temporary bike path until utility relocation near the Rose canyon Bike path is complete. Attached is a flyer with more information. 

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