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Posted on: September 1, 2009 Posted by: Bike San Diego Comments: 2

Manivela delivers food to your door, by bike

DSCN5182At first, Matthew Reate doesn’t seem like the owner and co-founder of one of San Diego’s newest and most exciting bike businesses. Young, unassuming, and soft-spoken, Reate started Manivela Delivery in July to fill a unique niche in San Diego’s food delivery industry.  After noticing that few San Diego restaurants offered delivery, Reate decided that his service would be available to pick up food from any restaurant within a four-zone area, and deliver it to your door, all by bicycle.

Bike San Diego sat down with Reate recently to learn more about Manivela:

BikeSD: What inspired the idea of a bicycle-based food delivery service?

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Two bicyclists injured at Critical Mass

The San Diego News Network is reporting that two Critical Mass riders were seriously injured after colliding with one another at the intersection of Centre Street and University Avenue in Hillcrest during last night’s event. One rider apparently suffered severe head injuries, while the other suffered rib and shoulder injuries.

While we typically take a dim view of bad behavior by riders during Critical Mass, there is no indication that this accident was caused by negligent or reckless behavior by either cyclist involved.  However, SDNN reports as part of their story that Critical Mass rides “are sometimes raucous, with riders making noise and dressing in outlandish getups” as though this might explain the cause of the accident. This not only delegitimizes the original intent of Mass and shrugs off the seriousness of the injuries sustained by the riders, it contributes to the negative impression many San Diegans already have of bicyclists as a whole.

If you attended last night’s ride and witnessed the accident, or if you have any information about the condition of the two riders involved, please post it in the comments, or contact us.

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City to unveil new roadway safety campaign

The City of San Diego and SANDAG will unveil a new roadway safety campaign next month called “Lose the Roaditude” which aims to reduce the number of confrontations and accidents between automobile drivers, bicyclists, and pedestrians. The campaign is designed to increase awareness of basic traffic rules, promote courtesy, and reduce aggressive behavior by all users of public roadways.

From the webpage:

Through the Lose the Roaditude Campaign, we strive to foster respect among cyclists, motorists and pedestrians and encourage them to share the road safely by reducing aggressive attitudes while biking, driving and walking. Ultimately, the campaign goal is to modify the behaviors of these three groups in order to decrease the number of crashes, injuries and fatalities (emphasis added).

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City Projects Cropping Up

If you have been riding, walking, or driving on San Diego streets within the last two weeks, you have probably noticed some additional roadway construction. The results of a $102.7 million bond are coming to fruition across the city as crews get to work on a list of city council-approved projects, including resurfacing 120 miles of streets.

Bike San Diego noticed this morning that the wretched stretch of Maryland Street between Meade and Lincoln has been resurfaced. The lines have not yet been painted, but we can assume the bike lane will reappear there shortly. This is particularly handy for riders traveling between University Heights and Hillcrest, as they now have a smoother and safer ride down Maryland to Lincoln and the Vermont Street pedestrian bridge over Washington Street, rather than negotiating the often-hazardous intersection of Cleveland Avenue and Washington Street.

Noticed any other projects that are having an impact, either positive or negative, on bicycling in the San Diego metro area? Leave a note in the comments, or send us a tip.