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Welcome Dockless Bikeshare Riders!

Hi! It’s Bike San Diego.  We’re the friendly local advocacy group fighting for safe streets to bicycle on – whether you’re going to work, school, the gym, or the park.  If you haven’t bicycled around the neighborhoods of San Diego in the past we’d like to welcome you the the fun and enjoyment that is riding a bike.  Congrats on taking the first step!  You’ve made a wise choice and one that is great for the environment, your health, building community, and driving our regional economy.  That’s the good news.

The bad news, as you may have already noticed, is that San Diego has very little support for people looking to bicycle – including in our most “walkable” neighborhoods.  Take a ride through North Park, or Pacific Beach, Little Italy, La Jolla, or pretty much any community.  Notice any bike lanes? Probably not.  You may find some sharrows but likely won’t find any sort of accommodation for safely and comfortably biking in our city.  High speed roads, speeding drivers, and a lack of dedicated bicycle lanes can make it intimidating to bicycle here, even for short trips.

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The Shadowy Status of Bike Share in San Diego Gets a Bit Clearer

There has been quite a bit of coverage in the local media recently regarding dockless bike-share systems. Companies such as LimeBike, Ofo, Spin, and others have shown interest in operating in San Diego and one, LimeBike, is currently operating in Imperial Beach and National City.  These new offerings join DecoBike in providing bike-share options to the public in San Diego County.  DecoBike operates in the City of San Diego and is a “traditional” bike share system with docks that bikes are checked into and out of.  The dockless systems differ in not having the docking stations that are a staple of many bike share programs.  This increase in the bike-share options in the region would seem to be a good thing, with more options and more bikes for users as well as competitive forces spurring operators to provide good value and offer incentives, upgrades, etc to stay relevant and win market share.  However, in the City of San Diego there is some disagreement about the nature of the relationship the city has with DecoBike and whether other bike-share operators will be welcomed or even allowed in the city.

Two good articles to check out about bike share systems and the DecoBike agreement with San Diego cover the issue from a variety of angles.  They’re well worth a read.

CityBeat (John Lamb) – Nov 21, 2017

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News, Links, Events, and Other Views – Nov 28, 2017

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