Author: Mana Monzavi

Posted on: January 14, 2016 Posted by: Mana Monzavi Comments: 0

Why Does BikeSD Matter to the General Public?

By: Mana Monzavi, Board Treasurer
Bike San Diego

Bike SD FundraiserI’m not a bike enthusiast. It may seem strange that someone like me is an avid supporter of BikeSD. But it actually makes perfect sense. I own a bike (although I’m mostly too scared to ride it around). I also live in a walkable neighborhood (North Park) and drive a car. About 6 months ago, I joined the board of BikeSD because I believe in the greater vision of this organization. We all want safer streets, a better quality of life, and the freedom to choose our own mode of transportation.

San Diego, along with the rest of southern California, is a largely car-centric region. Public transportation and infrastructure for bikes and pedestrians are secondary notions. Our current infrastructure makes it difficult and unsafe to choose alternate modes for moving around this city.