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BikeSD Letter to Planning Commission on Uptown Community Plan

City of San Diego Planning Commission
1222 First Ave, Fifth Floor
San Diego, CA 92101

Dear Members of the Planning Commission,

Bike San Diego asks the Planning Commission to reject the Uptown Community Plan Update. While we acknowledge the many years of effort developing the Update, the current version of the plan is inconsistent with the requirements of the City’s Climate Action Plan and therefore should not be approved.

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No Way On Measure A

This November, voters like you will be faced with a decision on SANDAG’s ballot measure, Measure A. SANDAG’s goal: get San Diego County voters to give a blank check to the tune of $18 billion for the agency to ensure that there will be no guarantees of traffic congestion relief, despite the agency’s public relations campaign promising congestion relief.


This past Thursday, the Measure A opponents (of which BikeSD is a member), held a kick-off event to highlight the burden that Measure A would place on San Diego, contrary to SANDAG’s claims.

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Downtown Mobility Plan – Member Point of View

By: Jordan Kohl, BikeSD Member

The San Diego City Council will soon be voting on the Downtown Mobility Plan, which outlines a network of protected bike lanes, pedestrian greenways, curb bulb-outs, road diets, and more. The benefits of this plan are numerous: reduced green house gas emissions, reduced congestion, reduced demand for parking, and increased mobility options for everyone. However the greatest benefit to me is that it will make downtown San Diego a safe place for my daughter to ride her bike.

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Bike Month Bash 2016

Kick off summer and celebrate the end of Bike Month with BikeSD at the Lafayette Hotel with a massive pool party following an easy townie ride. The annual Bike Month Bash will take place on June 4th, 2016, rain or shine, starting and finishing once again at The Lafayette Hotel in North Park, San Diego. Riders will have the opportunity to enjoy the complete Lafayette Hotel experience.  The 15-mile ride will take riders through the historic neighborhoods of North Park, Hillcrest, Normal Heights & City Heights. Register online through June 2nd.

Bike San Diego Bike Month Bash 2016

Wanna know why you should attend? Here is a personal story from member/volunteer Aire H. Thank you Aire for sharing your experience from last year’s ride.

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Why Does BikeSD Matter to the General Public?

By: Mana Monzavi, Board Treasurer
Bike San Diego

Bike SD FundraiserI’m not a bike enthusiast. It may seem strange that someone like me is an avid supporter of BikeSD. But it actually makes perfect sense. I own a bike (although I’m mostly too scared to ride it around). I also live in a walkable neighborhood (North Park) and drive a car. About 6 months ago, I joined the board of BikeSD because I believe in the greater vision of this organization. We all want safer streets, a better quality of life, and the freedom to choose our own mode of transportation.

San Diego, along with the rest of southern California, is a largely car-centric region. Public transportation and infrastructure for bikes and pedestrians are secondary notions. Our current infrastructure makes it difficult and unsafe to choose alternate modes for moving around this city.