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Who Bikes San Diego and Why

I was curious about the sort of riders I sometimes see when I’m out and about and I wanted to learn more about them. So a few Fridays ago, I decided to chat up a few riders in San Diego for our blog. I didn’t know what to expect or who I would encounter nor, nor if the riders would even talk to me.

While riding downtown I steered clear from two pretty most common types of bicycle riders, the tourists and spandex wearing road riders. The reason was because I, for the most part, already know why they are riding (I wear spandex myself). But bicycling is still misunderstood by many people including those who ride themselves. Many times when I tell people I ride conjures up an image like this:

We’re not all like this. But we respect the Paris–Roubaix riders.

While I personally have a tremendous amount of respect for professional cycling, the sport itself doesn’t do much to make our streets safer. Furthermore, it’s an exhausting tiresome stereotype that just will not die. In America we tend to relate biking to either a voluntary choice or a fitness activity. Thus, we miss bicycling’s main benefit which is transportation not to mention healthy and more vibrant and livable communities. So a few Fridays ago, I wanted to chat up some San Diegan bicycle commuters and learn what they had to say and what they wanted to see in San Diego. Below is a short summary of the conversations I had with three San Diegans riders a few Fridays ago. Responses have been slightly edited to read clearly.

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CityBeat’s Best of San Diego: A Bike Ride from North Park to Fiesta Island


CityBeat’s Best of 2015 issue is out today and Ryan Bradford gave us at shout-out! The piece starts as follows:

San Diego isn’t always kind to cyclists. While bicycling advocacy within the city has strengthened—due, in large part, to the tireless work of BikeSD and progressive city government—we still have some ways to go before it becomes a city for bikers. Ill-maintained surface roads are hell on street tires, motorists still don’t know how to share the road, and local media—even progressive media—has a tendency to vilify bikers as scofflaws (not to mention victim-blame: take note of any report on a bike-car collision that mentions the biker not wearing a helmet).

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Register Now: Bike to the Border

Thanks to Art at A-7 Design for the gorgeous design work.

Registration is now open to Bike to the Border! If you sign up by 7PM tonight, you can place an order for an American Apparel t-shirt (or tank top) along with your registration. The ride is family friendly and flat, so please bring the kids and the grandparents.


This month we continue the work of showcasing great San Diego neighborhoods, outstanding businesses that support our work, along with beautiful scenery, bicycle facilities and most importantly – elected officials who steadfastly support our work to create safer streets. We are very honored to have Councilmember David Alvarez as a sponsor of our Bike to the Border ride. Prior to the start of the ride, he will talk about the work he has done to date and the work he continues to do in San Diego and at the San Diego/Tijuana border to facilitate safe transportation access.

Below here are a few logistical details. We want your Saturday to be as perfect and fun as we can make it.

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Volunteer to Help Make the San Diego International Triathlon A Success

The San Diego International Triathalon participants

The San Diego International Triathlon is around the corner and we are helping the organizers put on a successful event both to build relations across the broader San Diego community and to support the longest standing triathlons in the country. Please come and help your fellow San Diegans swim, bike and run to the finish.

We need volunteer help in handing out water and helping with registration. The San Diego International Triathlon benefits a great cause: Father Joe’s Villages, San Diego’s largest homeless services provider.

Come out and volunteer your time, meet some wonderful people and do your part to make San Diego the best it can be. Sign up here today.

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Photos from the Bike Month Bash: Two Wheels and A Pool….Great Times At The First Annual Bike Month Bash

While riding your bicycle on El Cajon Boulevard is slowly inching its way to being glamorous, I wanted to personally thank everyone who came out to make the Bike Month Bash a success. We have a long way to go in making El Cajon Boulevard safe for bicycle riders and pedestrians but showcasing great bike friendly businesses like the Lafayette Hotel and Tiger! Tiger! is one of those routes to that end goal.

I hope everyone got to enjoy the pool and meet new people. I would also like to thank all our sponsors (The Lafayette Hotel, Sailor Jerry, Golper, Sullivan and Rivera, Hub and Spoke, Performance Bikes, UPS, Tiger! Tiger! Deco Bike Share) and our wonderful volunteers (Jeff, Vince, Aireanne, Brent, Sasha, and Andrew) and our very excellent board for their hard work in making the inaugural Bike Month Bash a huge success. I was so happy to see such a diverse group of bicycle riders, I felt that we had everyone there! A special thank you to the San Diego Police Department officers for escorting our riders and making the experience truly memorable. We had people who hadn’t ridden in over four decades experience the joys of riding a bicycle – that really made the day worth while for me.

Stay tuned for the next ride scheduled to happen on July 25th – so please save the date. While we are still finalizing the details, I want to pique your interest by stating that the ride is going to be near the beach!