Author: Kristin Blackson

Posted on: December 20, 2016 Posted by: Kristin Blackson Comments: 3

Is San Diego Ready for California’s Climate Protection Act?

Bike Lane with Bus

State planning officials have been working to change the way traffic impacts are analyzed, from level of service (LOS), a car centric measurement, to vehicle miles traveled (VMT), a multi-modal measurement, pursuant to the recently passed Senate Bill 743.  

But is our San Diego region traffic planning world and local jurisdictions really ready to implement the change? It appears the answer is “no” for the most part, but they should be. With the adoption of SB 743, known as the “Sustainable Communities and Climate Protection Act,” the legislative intent is clear… “to encourage land use and transportation planning decisions and investments that reduce vehicle miles traveled and contribute to the reductions in greenhouse gas emissions...” The connection between vehicles miles traveled and the reduction of greenhouse gases is important to California where the main source of greenhouse gas emissions is from vehicles