SDPD Officer Bob Adams helps clean up the Rose Creek bike path

I received an email about the good work one member of the San Diego Police Department has been doing to make sure that the Rose Creek bike path remains clear and clean.

Last Friday, SDPD Officer Bob Adams invited twenty five Mission Bay High School students to do some good by walking along the Rose Creek bike path while picking up and bagging all the trash they encountered. Most of the students were also Junior ROTC members. According to Officer Adams, the students were most excited to get picked up in the SDPD prisoner van which was surprising to Officer Adams. After picking up all the trash and loading the trash bags into the SDPD van which left no room for anything else, the students walked back to school along the path.

Thank you Officer Adams and to all the Mission Bay High School students for being so proactive and keeping a beautiful bike path clean and useable. Hope you inspired other San Diegans to stay classy and quit littering the bike path.