San Diego Hit and Runs

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Last Friday night a fellow rider, Andy, was a victim of a hit and run collision. The collision happened on the 3500 block of Nimitz Boulevard at around 11:30 pm, according to NBC San Diego. The 50 year old was pedaling north in the 3500 block of Nimitz Boulevard when he was struck. As of now, Andy appears to be in critical condition and the driver and his passenger who struck Andy still remain at large. The vehicle that struck Andy is a white Hyundai and the suspects are described as having, “short, dark hair and light skin”

If you have any information contact the San Diego Police Department or leave a comment here.

While looking for information relating to the case above, I came across an update to another hit and run that occurred earlier this year on March 11.The victim, a student named Sho Funai, was walking when he was killed by a driver who later turned herself in. Despite pleading guilty to striking Funai and admitting to being under the influence of drugs and alcohol, the driver may only be charged with probation. In response to the verdict, Funai’s friends appalled at the ruling have started an online petition to demand justice for the death of Funai.

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  • Daniel Simon

    Dear God!
    Probation?!?!?? We who cycle are humans.
    Mike Vick got jail time. (Just sayin’ don’t go off on me
    for dropping that reference.) When is the distric attorney
    going to prosecute the death of a human being at the hands
    of another human being properly???
    Am I alone in my anger over the fact that a mentally impaired
    driver hopped up on drugs can kill someone; then turn themselves
    in at a later date, & suffer no consequences?
    God help anyone who pedals in San Diego.
    Daniel Simon

  • I realized it wasn’t clear that Funai was walking when he was killed. I have amended the post to reflect that more clearly.

  • Timur

    “The law allows you to maim or kill another human being as long as you do it carefully” -quote from one of my law school books. This epidemic will continue until vulnerable user laws are passed.

  • JK

    Heartbraking Fatal Hit and Run in North County. Kid just trying to get home from his job. Rode everyday escondido to del mar