Pacific Highway in Old Town is Repaved and Restriped with Buffered Bike Lanes

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In January this year, I noticed new buffered bike lanes on Pacific Highway. However, the asphalt was of very poor quality that desperately needed to be fixed.

Pacific Highway in January 2012. Photo: Sigurd

Last week, I noticed that the streets were being repaved and markers were placed where the new stripes would be painted.

Last week: Pacific Highway with markings on where the road would be restriped

As of today, Pacific Highway in Old Town now features smooth roads with those same buffered bike lanes on most stretches of Pacific Highway.

Southbound Pacific Highway with newly striped bike lane

Southbound Pacific Highway heading toward Taylor Street with a buffer on both sides

Southbound Pacific Highway heading toward Taylor Street with a buffer on both sides

Northbound Pacific Highway heading north from Taylor Street

Northbound Pacific Highway looking south toward Taylor Street

Southbound Pacific Highway heading toward Taylor Street

Have you had a chance to ride on Pacific Highway since the street was repaved and restriped? How was your ride?

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  • patti

    We rode on it on July 4th when it was recently repaved but wasn’t entirely completed. It was a neat surprise since that part of the road is especially rough. The bridge over to MIssion Bay was graded so not yet paved and a difficult ride for those who didn’t have wider tires.

  • Excellent!

  • Timur

    I wonder how long some of these cars stay parked there. The camper in pic 4 has been there every single time I’ve passed by.

  • Old Knotty Buoy

    I was just there on Friday and took a whole slew of images to document the results of the paving and striping that has been done. (I guess great minds think alike, Ha!) I was very happy to see a job well done. The sections of road where riders will find themselves seems to be smooth and without any flaws. The markings for the bike lanes are well laid out and certainly very bright. Even the edges where there is parking and where there is no parking are well done in my opinion.

    My only criticism is the large RV’s parked along the south bound lane often just stick into the bike lane by a little bit. There is a chance of hitting these in the dark. You would think that a standard width parking lane would accommodate the width of these RV’s with a little room to spare. I’m afraid the crews doing the work follow a very strict regimen of measurements when laying out the striping. On this road, which is very wide, they should have the discretion of making the lanes wider. They have plenty of road width to work with.

    This obviously is a very important link in the bicycling hub that is the Old Town Transit Center. The improved roadway surface and road markings will make the multi-modal bicyclist, as well as the through bicyclists, safer and encourage rather than discourage the use of this important bike route.


  • billdsd

    I’m glad that they finally fixed this section. It has been horrible for well over a decade but I only occasionally have a reason to ride there.

    I ride daily for my commute on Pacific Highway south of Taylor Street, which is still in abominable condition.

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